Jun 25

Kneeology: making all things new?

A Little Kneeology ….    Revelation 21:5 (Msg)  And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”

Isn’t amazing how we as Christians speak so much of “things being made new”, new life, fresh start, new beginnings.  Recently as I was on a trip into a neighboring state, being a little bored with driving, I began to read the names of churches posted on their signs.  So many of them had to do with the “new” or “fresh” starts of life, meaning of course, that in and through Christ Jesus there is a new life or new beginning.

True enough. However, that brings us the question, “If it is all about new beginnings or being made new” why do we hold on to so much of the past?  Holding on to the past seems to range from dusty artificial flower arrangements donated by someone long ago to the refusal to change music or any new way of doing things.  In fact, so many churches seem to be so glued to the past that they actually discourage growth and change.  Far too often we hear those deadly words, “We have always done it that way” or “We never did that way before.” Seven deadly words.

I know of churches that have even changed their name to something much more “timely” in order to attract more people but still refused to change their way of doing things only to result in futility.   I am the first to remind folks that God’s Word and His message for the world is still the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow and so is His personality and expectations of His people.  However, we must package that same message in such a way that it can reach the people.  Likewise, our ministries and calling may have been pronounced upon us from God and certainly He meant for us to carry out that calling, however we must .  Sometimes that “however” means that we examine and re-examine the effectiveness of our delivery.  If we are not getting through to folks in one manner, try another.

Regardless of what name we use for our churches and ministries, regardless of how “catchy” the may seem or how big the signs are, what will matter the most is the fact that what is on the inside has to match what was implied on the outside.  The Word reminds us that there has to be a separation from the old for the new.  Let us be more than just users of snappy terms and names but be purveyors of the new life changes that come through people knowing Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives and make things new.

We need to express the new beginnings, not just in name alone, but in evidence of the experience and that should be reflected by our actions and spirit. We need to remember that the definition of insanity is all about doing the same old thing over and over and thinking we are going to get different results.  Just thinking.

NOTW,  Yours In Christ Jesus,   Bro. Mike