Jun 04

A Little Kneeology …. John 8:36 (Msg) So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.

A Little Kneeology …. John 8:36 (Msg)  So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.

Evidence of the presence of one being one with Jesus Christ is that of freedom. Just how free are we?  In our witness to others about the presence of Christ within our lives should demonstrate genuine freedom, not just words speaking of such.  We need to examine our lives and when we do, for the most of us, we will find that we have not taken advantage of this offer of freedom that is supposed to come through Christ Jesus.  Even with great intentions we often tie ourselves up in bondage.

Just think about how many of us might preach on a regular basis about the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ as our Lord but then allow our ministries  and work to tie us down to the point of exhaustion or even burnout.   How free are we when our every thought and worry is all about our individual ministry?  How free are we when we are not trusting enough to allow others to make decisions concerning our ministries?  How free are we when we feel that no other person can carry out the demands of our ministry?  And then there is yet the question, how free are we when we are so busy with our ministry that it distracts us from worship and time with our God?

We must remember that one of the most often used tools of the enemy is that of busyness and aimed at our ego, creating a bondage.  Even when we are in the midst of “working for the Kingdom” and seeking to do good, we can get so caught up in the bondage that results from our thinking that the growth of the Kingdom depends totally on us and our doing it our way.  We have the promise of Jesus that, if we will surrender to Him, He will take this burden of bondage from us and yoke up with us with a much lighter yoke.

The greater witness is not in our being busy for the Kingdom but the fact that we will not allow the cares of the world to tear us down and not living a life of fret and worry.  One of my daily prayers is that of asking the Lord to keep me focused on the freedom that He offers.  Of course as it offered, it is up to us to claim it and enjoy it.  For example, folks ask me often about the mission that we provide to the needy, homeless and street people of our community, such as funding and those things we need.  We could spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about it all but the most simple answer is, “As long as the Lord supplies our needs then we know that it is within His purpose for Rushing Wind Fellowship and when the funding and provisions are no longer, then He is ready for us to move to something else.”  That belief and faith provides a great deal of freedom from worry.  If it is up to Him, we just have to be good stewards.  It is His call.   We do not waste any time trying to hammer square pegs into round holes.  Consequently, freedom reigns.

NOTW,  Yours In Christ Jesus,
Bro. Mike