Apr 30

Special-May Report from the Rosendahls, Mexico

Dear Friends, May 2020

God’s blessings to all of you! I am sure you can all agree with me that
the last month or so has been very difficult in many ways – having to
stay inside, lines to buy food, businesses being shut down, many sick
and dying – but if we look deeper, there have also been blessings –
more time with the family, more time to read and pray and a chance to
do administrative things we haven’t had time to do for a long time.

During these difficult times it is important to remember that just as
God was on the throne when the economy was doing well and things
were running like we are used to, God is also on the throne and in
control during these difficult times when the days seem to drag on and
we wonder what the next day is going to hold.

In spite of all the restrictions and difficulties, GCOM has still been
able to minister in many ways to the Mexican people by working
through the Mexican people. We have been busy coordinating it,
which Sylvia has skillfully done. From the semi- truck load of ministry
supplies that arrived at the warehouse in Laredo in January, we still
had six pallets of boxes of rice and beans from Food For Kidz. We
also had four pallets of literature and two pallets of medical supplies
still in the warehouse.

Two weeks ago, a Christian man who works in the Nuevo Laredo government, and a Laredo, TX man who works
with a Christian foundation worked together to cross all of the
remaining supplies into Nuevo Laredo.

These supplies have been distributed into various parts of Mexico to needy people affected by the government restrictions and to church groups who are helping the needy in their respective areas of the city.

For several months we have been praying for God to make a way for
twelve pallets of literature, ten pallets of rice and beans and a pickup
truck to get down to Laredo and into Mexico. On April 21, Fred Zweifel
and his wife, Jan, arrived in Laredo, TX with the ministry supplies. We
got half of the ministry supplies and Fred is taking the other half to the
McAllen – Progreso, Texas area where another ministry will cross it into
Reynosa and Progreso, Mexico for the needy people there. Two pallets
of the rice and beans and two pallets of the literature will go to
Brownsville, Texas where it will be crossed into Matamoros, Mexico.
From there a ministry friend, Jose Benito Allende, and I will go down to
Veracruz, Central Mexico, with the supplies, to distribute to ten feeding
centers and to countless churches to bless the needy people in their
communities with food for their physical need and Gospel literature for
their spiritual need.

Please pray for God to make the way for this trip by
getting rid of the corona virus in Mexico and in the United States.

Rick, from Body Life Ministries in Omaha, is beginning the process of
printing many more pallets of literature for distribution throughout
Mexico. Food For Kidz, from Stewart, Minnesota, has had to cancel
many food packing events the past months due to the corona virus

Due to this, they are completely out of boxes of rice
and beans. They are still able to do food packing events as long as
people follow state-wide social distancing requirements and we are
praying that groups of individuals and churches would catch a vision
to pack food for us to continue to bring it to Mexico to feed hungry
people during this difficult time. Mexico’s corona virus cases are
spiking now so they are probably two weeks to a month behind the
United States in this regard. Fred, the truck driver, has expressed his
willingness to bring down another load of rice and beans and
literature in a month or so but it is dependent on his having a
truckload to bring down.

Please pray for God’s timing on when the
next load comes down to Laredo, Texas and for favor in getting it
into Mexico as well. Please contact me at (512)757-9523 if you or
your church is willing to host a food packing event.

Joshua is working with the ministry as our IT Coordinator and
helping the ministry with all things technological. He is setting up
and designing our newsletter, designed our Evangelistic End Times
flyer, will be working soon on an evangelistic website for the
ministry and fills in in many miscellaneous ways where he is needed.

If God leads you to help him out with financial support you can just
memo the check Joshua and 100% of the donation will go to him.
We are not leaving Mexico as there is still much to be done there!
Hopefully we will be able to start ministering in Mexico again in
May or June. However, it has been nice to see how the Mexican
church has survived and thrived during this difficult time of the
corona virus. The Bible tells us that, “the gates of hell will not
prevail against the church”.

Thanks for your partnership with us in spreading the Gospel, feeding
the hungry and training leaders in Mexico and in other parts of the
world as God leads and open doors! You are greatly appreciated and
your work in the Lord is not in vain! When our time comes to go to
heaven one day, we will all hear those precious words from the Lord,
“Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Let us all do all we can
to reach lost souls for Christ as long as we have breath in our body!
Our prayer is that you, your family and the people of your church
will be kept safe during this difficult time and that soon, in God’s
perfect timing, all will be back to normal and we will be able to look
back at the faithfulness of God during this time of trial for all of us.

God bless all of you!

Serving Christ,
Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl
Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

205 Wildwood Avenue
Madison, MN 56256
Phone: 320-598-3094


Ministry Needs

-Churches or groups of individuals to do food packing events to
help us provide more food to needy people in Mexico during this
time of scarcity due to the corona virus pandemic
– Missionary groups to come down to minister in Mexico after the
US and Mexico remove the government restrictions
-God to help us get everything in order for some legal things we
need to get done in Mexico for the ministry


-For continued protection from the corona virus for us and for
pastors and ministers ministering with GCOM
– For abundant funding of the ministry during this time of
difficulty for many donors
– For people to come to Christ in Mexico as they receive the rice
and beans and literature in the Name of Jesus
– For continued favor in getting the ministry supplies into Mexico
– For wisdom in ministry and personal decisions

For unity in every ministry and personal decisions