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Dec 11

Bishop Coulter: When the unexpected happens

Nov 20

Bishop Coulter: Encouragement, Prayers, and Thanksgiving

Nov 06

Be Encouraged! Bishop Coulter – Jesus was ‘just’ a carpenter’s son


Oct 30

Bishop Coulter: Praying for a God Wave for our country

Oct 09

Bishop Coulter, an Encouragement: PRAISE for a mighty presence of the Lord


Jan 14

LISTEN and ACT – Just a Thought from Bishop Coulter

 ATTACHMENT  If you have heard me speak, you know that I always mention, especially to leaders, the importance of your quiet time with Christ daily so the Holy Spirit can speak into your spirit the things that Christ has for you that day. (Rom 8:16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we …

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Oct 24

Bishop Coulter: Word to TMCI for this next year (September 2015 – September 2016)

Word to TMCI for the next year (Sept. To Sept) Bishop Coulter released at annual conference September 24, 2015 Make a joyful noise into the Lord for he is worthy to be praised! Open the doors with shouts of joy Break through every gate with boldness and power See the road set before you and press steady …

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Oct 22

Bishop Coulter: Just a Thought – Are You a Grasshopper?

Dear Friends, Several days ago during our morning devotions in the office, Judy Covington read excerpts from Numbers 13 about the spies’ report after they had spied out the Promised Land. We all know the story of how Joshua and Caleb said, “we can take the land,” but ten spies said “no we can’t”, and …

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Jun 24

Bishop Coulter: Are we on the offense or defense? … Just a Thought

Dear TMCI Family, At the sendoff meeting for Bishop Pele’s Samoa medical team (they leave for Samoa on Friday, June 26), TMCI prophet Hayst Harrold preached a great and timely message. He said, “Too often we listen to the Devil and go to God and tell God what the Devil said.” His point is that …

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Apr 27

Continuing to PRAY FOR OUR NATION – Bishop Bob Coulter

Dear Friends, As I continue to pray for our nation, I am reminded of Daniel 2:20-23. And I am praying that God will change the times and the seasons for our nation. God reminded me in my quiet time that whatever He speaks is. One word from God will change the circumstances. Pray that He …

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