Nov 10

Important News from Hope Ireland Missions, Larena, Chris and Anora

Greetings loved ones! October has been another busy month. First, our guest

speakers, Iullian & Rebecca Moldovan came from Dublin & shared with our

youth a dynamic message about how to stand for Jesus even in times when

things are hard. There was an altar call in the end asking who would like to

stand for Jesus no matter their situation, & numerous youth responded. We

are so proud of our youth, & how they keep choosing Jesus! We also see fruit

through them inviting their friends to Torch, & their friends continuing to come.

We are so thankful every year God brings us new youth to invest in!!

We have 3 new young adults starting to attend GCF, which is

exciting! We have continued with our Salt services the first Tuesday of the

month. Then, the other Tuesdays we have small groups at our home. I have

to admit there have been later dinners & me slipping out here & there as little

Anora starts to fuss or need me, but they don’t seem to mind. After all, Anora

was prayed for by each & every one of them from day one. It’s great to get

back into the swing of things!

Recently, Chris shared an amazing analogy that he learned in his

leadership class. The speaker talked about the men in the circus who spin

plates. When one starts to wobble, more attention & care is taken with that

plate, to try & get it spinning perfectly again. He said our leaders and disciples

are those plates. When you see one wobble, make sure to take extra care &

get them spinning again. It was so simple, but will stay with me forever,

because one of the things Chris & I value most is taking that extra time and

care to develop these individuals into the call & potential God has placed on

their lives. We take time to meet one on one with our leaders & others as often

as we can, especially if they are “wobbling”.

This month, we were able to spend quality time with one of our

leaders who has been going through a tough season. He kept isolating himself

from the group & even us, but through constant prayer, non-stop facebook

messages, & finally not taking no for an answer & booking him a bus ticket to

our home–we had him over for a special dinner, dessert (once again a little

late)—prayer & a movie. It’s amazing how far something as simple as that

goes. After not attending youth or church for weeks, he returned! Praise God!

He is now finally getting back on track, it might take a bit more time for complete

restoration, but—the enemy is defeated simply because of the power of prayer

and love! This is what we live for, to see God break through & change course

in peoples lives!

One thing we also notice is that when a lot of trials hit us at once,

it’s because something big is coming. I (Larena) had the hardest, longest

labour I’ve ever heard or read about, then had many struggles & still battling

physical battles since labor, then my Father passed unexpectedly, & now–just

as we thought things were getting calmer again, we found out our landlady

wants to sell the house we are living in, & put it on the market soon. Once

again the timing is just horrible…or so it seems.

We prayed for 2 & 1/2 years for this house. How do we know it

was for this house? Because we made a list– a very long list of everything

we wanted & needed for a house. It was incredibly specific, & we left it to the

Lord, for those years. As you might remember, the previous house we lived

in, we both were very ill due to constant black mould exposure. The previous

house was around 1/4 th of the size of our current home, & cost us $800 more

a year to live in due to the poor insulation, dampness & electric heating. This

house is warm & dry & can fit (see photo above) loads of young adults–as

many as 22 in our living room (snug as a bug)! It’s also 5 minutes from the

bus that leaves every hour on the hour–is the right price for our budget, &

perfect size to grow a family. It has everything on that long list we made! Once

we got into this home, we started praying for the past almost 3 years that one

day, we could own it.

We knew there needed to be many miracles to own it, and figured

it would be down the road…because we as missionaries, have limited

possessions. We don’t even have residency or jobs here. We don’t have a

down payment or a way to acquire a loan…but we know that if God wants us

to have this home, He will make a way. You see, upon my dad’s death, we

remembered that as co-signers for the house, we now own that home. With

the sale of that home, we could just possibly have a down payment to offer

for this one! Anora being born as an Irish citizen could also get us a stamp

for residency  which could make the bank more likely to give us a loan.

Now, the biggest obstacle we see in our way is if the bank would

give us a loan, being that we don’t have a guaranteed income & our funding

comes from America. One of our mentors here, used to work high up in the

banking industry, & if it’s possible, he will be the one to help us get it! We’ve

requested that the landlady give us more time, & we believe if she does, she

will raise the rent. But, if we had to move, we are looking at a budget increase

in rent anywhere we go that will be dry, warm & adequate for our ministry

needs. So, please pray for us, that the God who owns this house,

the banks, & every single thing on this earth, might be doing all this to provide

a miracle for us to own this home?

Thankfully, we serve the one who provides miracles. We are

trusting Him that no matter what, His will is going to be done, & it’s a perfect

will. We trust Him in that. We believe that the call He has on us here is long

term, & we have seen Him open doors where only He could have opened…so

we wait, & trust & pray for His will to unfold. So we seek Him, but stay open

to whatever He says, because we trust Him, regardless if He gives us this

home, or moves us along. He is faithful either way!

Thank you all for your love, your support, & especially your

prayers because they move mountains! Thank you for being such an intricate

piece of our lives, & living this journey with us. Our lives are not our own, we

have laid them down, & you have helped us be the hands & feet of Jesus to

Galway Ireland. You are helping change a nation! All our love, till next time!

Larena, Chris and Anora


Prayer requests:

Please pray we can invest in the 6 new individuals the Lord has given us this year, for salvation, baptism and discipleship.

Please pray for our residency request to go through.

Please pray that if it be God’s best for us to own this home, that He will open the doors needed.

Please pray God provides for the extra funds to cover our airline tickets home this Dec.


If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417

(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)


For ONLINE giving go to: & click on “partner.”

Nov 08

Newsletter from the Vargas

Dear loved ones and friends…
1Thessalonians 5:18 says:
 In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning YOU and ME…
What is happening here in Paraguay: at this very moment – November 2017.
 It has been raining and flooding here for days, it’s cold and dreary weather days without end and lots of people are sick… l (Joy) am battling asthma and Robert is recovering from a hacking cough and conjunctivitis… 
The church roof is leaking terribly because of the unending rain which is causing mold and problems with allergies…and Robert wants to fix it but the weather won’t cooperate so he is mopping the floors filling buckets of water and in the meantime sighing and singing to keep up… fixing lights and windows and pastoring…GBH!
The last 
four months and the whole month of November has been packed with evangelizing and discipeling activities in the church, at the school, as well as on National level, with seminaries, meetings, spiritual retreats, camps, preparations for the Men’s and Women’s congress…
l went to Urybycua with the Women’s Federation to teach, ( the same area where we always go with the clinic) and 32 women of the district participated at the women’s retreat there, it was a blessing…
We do like to do those things and l love teaching but sometimes it’s overwhelming!
We are getting older, ha!

l (Joy) woke up this morning very heavy hearted, sick and discouraged 
and had to ask the Lord to please give me a thankful heart and spirit…l wasn’t planning at all to write this Newsletter although l know it’s far overdue…Most of the missionaries are gone home, some won’t come back, others next year…
l was feeling sorry for myself… 
And what did the Lord do? He shook me up!
 While looking for some papers, He showed me this devotional from Nov. 2011… a coincidence?
In 1620 the Mayflower came to what is now; Plymouth, Massachusetts, after being on the water for 65 days…
During the first winter they experienced a lot of sickness because of poor food and hard work, and changeable weather…About half of the people died.
Of the eighteen married women, only four survived.
In the spring the Indians came to help them. They told them to put part of a fish beside the seeds for fertilizer. They did this for corn, pumpkins and beans, doing so…
They had a beautiful and bountiful harvest! In the fall they decided to have special days of Thanksgiving and praise to God for the blessing of such good crops…
In 1789 President George Washington issued a general proclamation that November 26
th should be kept as a National Thanksgiving Day. By 1830 New York had an official Thanksgiving Day.
Soon other northern states followed New York’s example…Virginia was the first southern state to adopt this custom. It proclaimed a Thanksgiving Day in 1855. 
Our government has set a special day to be observed as Thanksgiving Day, a day to praise the Lord for the many blessings we have…
Satan is a master in loading people down with cares, worries and anxieties, but sincere praise and a thankful heart towards God will work wonders…
“God wants us to put on “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”
 Isaiah 61:3.  
A heart full of praise has no room for unthank-fullness…
Maybe we should all make a list of what we are thankful for…
The simple things of life, like clothes to wear, food to eat and a house to live in, things that God has blessed us with…
We still have the freedom to worship and praise the Lord! Let us do it with all our being in this dark world filled with confusion, stress, depression, oppression and deceived hearts… and lead others to Know Him…thank Him and praise Him…
 Let’s not forget that Jesus wants to be our guest of honor this Thanksgiving Day and every day…
It hit me “right between the eyes” so to speak, or you could say that it was rightly aimed at the dark and gloomy places of my mind and heart… I suddenly  became very convicted, while reading it… and a little song started playing through my mind:
“Count your blessings name them one by one”.
 Many of you know it.  And then…
(It was like a flood) All the benefits of knowing HimPsalm 103:1-5.  came to my mind and heart and meditating on those  encouraging verses, I started thanking my faithful Lord and Savior, and l found myself singing my favorite song: “It is well with my soul…”
My attitude changed and l can assure you that it was through Him and Him alone…
That’s why I am writing this newsletter!!!!
Thank God for His mercy and grace by which we can be renewed day by day…if we are open to it!

Since we came back from the States we have been going through a difficult time, a time of breakings in our personal lives, as well within our church…
 Clinging desperately to the Lord, standing upon His Word and promises…through changes of heart, learning lessons and going on by sheer faith and not by sight or feelings…
We are doing what He told us to do, serving Him through it all…
And God is faithful, by His Grace; He is still using us…

Changes are coming up for many of the pastors…
At the end of this month we will know if we are going to continue serving where we are or if the Lord has other plans for us…Maybe in another church or perhaps a totally new direction to keep serving Him…
Please, pray for us and God’s perfect will in our lives…We will write you on the end of the month to give you and update, for l do have some wonderful stories of our families here who came to know the Lord and are growing with leaps and bounds…GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!
Love and prayers
Robert and Joy Varga.

Nov 08

Report and Urgent Request from the Schweitzer’s in Nicaragua

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer

Asoc. Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua

Residencial El Carmen, Km. 49 Carretera Sur,

Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua


October 23rd, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner:

We are writing to you today to let you know that our ministry continues to reach the lost and the needy through our efforts and those of our pastors in Carazo and Boaco.

Our Annual Pastors’ Meeting will be taking place on November 2nd and 3rd at Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer.  We will be discussing the progress of each church during 2017 and recognizing the dedication each pastor has brought to his area of ministry.  The future of the ministry will be discussed and Pastor Lorenzo will be presenting his nominee for our next pastor at Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer.

Since the closing of Casa Mateo Missions House, we have had to personally assume monthly expenses that were covered by CM.  Without income from CM, this has become an overwhelming responsibility.  We are unable to pay our bills and those left by CM. We are surviving on Social Security but it does not cover the bills.

We need underwriting to survive until our house is sold and we can move on.  These 16 years have taken a toll on us and Glenn’s health and mine have been declining; we need to be in the U.S. under the care of our doctors. Until such time we are asking you for a monthly donation since we need approximately $1000 per month to cover the excess.

Would you please consider helping us with a monthly donation of $25, $50 or $100?  This is personal underwriting to help two faithful but tired missionaries who currently do not  have any help and who are surviving by the grace of God here in Nicaragua.

(PayPal account is:

Warm regards and may God bless you,

Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

“Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify the Father who is in heaven.”      Matthew 5:16

Nov 03

A Little Kneeology – ‘every living and breathing moment’ (11-3-17)

A Little Kneeology…Ephesians 5:16 (Voice)  “Make the most of every living and breathing moment because these are evil times.”

This morning I had some very specific plans so I got up early so that I could get some breakfast, a quick cup of coffee and get on my way. The day was already full of busyness as I had so much to wrap up, and also to get ready for the big rally in Galveston. As I entered the living room my little toddler granddaughter, Laila, reached out her arms and said, “Hey, Pawpaw!”. Taking her in my arms, she kissed me and snuggled up in my neck and beard. I sat down with her and we spent two hours loving on each other and watching Elmo, making the most of that **living and breathing moment**.

I know Paul was speaking of taking every opportunity to witness to others about Jesus but he was also, in my opinion, speaking about taking advantage of every moment to enjoy life and one another, as well as to do good. As life’s moments are not able to be re-lived, except in our memories, it is so important that we take every opportunity to enjoy life because there is, without doubt, opposition from the enemy and the world itself.

It was once advertised, “LOST: yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward offered, for they are gone forever.”

I know that we have been told that we are to stay busy until the Master returns, but I also know in the spirit of Jesus it is important just how we stay busy. I have come to evaluate busyness, with the Lord’s help, by a standard of asking myself one major question, _“In comparison with, and in the scope of eternity, just how important is this particular matter or task?”_

In other words, will my fretting and worrying, being so busy with a matter or task make any difference in mine or another’s eternity?  Have you ever asked yourself, “Why would God make flowers if He didn’t want us to take time to smell them and notice their beauty?”

I am sure that a great deal of the busyness that we allow to smother us is just that, busyness, the kind of stuff that the world wants to distract us with. and the result of what we have deemed to be important for our own agendas. I guess some of that wisdom that comes with age is the realization that a lot of what we once thought was so important and robbed us of precious opportunities was not of the Lord’s design.

As I am writing this note I could not help but listen to Dolly Parton sing “Precious Memories” and as she sang the words, “Precious memories, how they linger”. I pray that each of us will realize the value of each moment and let not one get lost in the busyness between sunrises for they will be lost forever.
Thank you Lord for the precious moments.  Amen.
NOTW, Bro. Mike

Nov 01

Report and Special Request from Rick, Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski

Hello Friends,

God is so Good!. The last couple of Months have been wild ones for us. So many complications in finances and ministry. Rule # 1 in such trials is to always trust the Lord and not focus on the issues at hand. In every case God worked each situation out in His own way and in His own time. When a person makes a decision to live in Faith it can be expected that his Faith will be tested from time to time. Be patient and trust in God.

I made a trip to Bakersfield in October. I enjoyed being with loving friends and ministering Truth to some missionaries from the Philippines. I love teaching the Truth of the Gospel to those who want to hear Truth. There is only one Truth and then many misconceptions of the Truth. I encourage everyone to get a concordance and your Bible and find the Truth for yourself. We should never trust another person to tell us how to walk out our Salvation. Our Salvation is Jesus and only Jesus can show us how to follow Him.

We took some friends from L.A. to the Jungles this past Sunday. It was a fantastic trip. Our friends brought two big bags of stuffed animals with them from the States. They wanted to feed the Mayan widows and the poor. We bought  a ton and a half of corn and gave the entire town of Santa Cruz enough corn to feed them for a week. We also gave 40 Mayan widows  in X-can enough corn for a week. We made a number of food boxes to give to widows.

The children had a great time receiving toys and lots of candy. My favorite part is always ministering healing to the people. God is so Good to heal the sick. Not every person we pray for is healed but 90% of the people are healed in Jesus Name. If we don’t ask for healing nothing happens. Let’s keep our Faith active.

The Radio Ministry has just exploded. The testimonies are coming in all day long. Thousands of people are receiving Jesus. We were contacted by the Government telling us that we need to register our Radio Station and update our equipment to stay on the air. We filed for our registration and hope to hear back in December. The Equipment update that is needed is a Digital Transmitter that cost $18,000 U.S. Dollars. We have until the end of December to get the transmitter or the Government will close down the Radio. This is one of those trials where we trust in God to provide the Digital Transmitter. $18,000 is nothing compared to the 9,000 people who have already received Jesus through our Radio Ministry.

I have opened an account for donations to help purchase the Digital Transmitter. Donations are tax deductible.

Please make your checks payable to Give Hope Foundation
Memo box should read Account #4326516819
Send checks to Desert Schools CU
ATTN: Remittance  Processing
P.O. Box 2942
Phoenix, AZ 85062

Donations can also be sent by Pay Pal to

Thanks for your participation in the Great Harvest of Souls.

We have a new phone number if you would like to call and talk a while. 541- 497-1230

Serving the King

Rick Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski


Oct 25

UfaBible Ministries, Spanning Continents for Christ

Has not the Lord been good to allow us to serve Him? We rejoice in the Lord for opportunity that we have been given not only to serve Him but serve Him alongside of God’s wonderful people. Thank you for your faithfullness in praying, supporting and giving so that we might continue to do what God has called us to do.

Please meet our new prayer coordinator. Her name is Sveta. She is young lady who was born in a mixed Tatar and Russian family and got saved in her 20s. Her husband Maxim were a sailor on Baikal lake prior to moving to Ufa. He met the Lord just two years ago. He loves to serve Him with playing guitar at worship. With this new assignment we hope to raise our prayer ministry to new level. Please pray for these two to grow in their relationship with the Lord and serve Him with the gifts they have from Him.

Pray for our Harvest Festival outreach in October. It always an opportunity to reach out to our friends and invite them to a special service. Also, one of the highlights of this year will be a Masterskaya, Workshop. It is gathering of existing and prospering leaders for prayer and discernment of how the Lord is leading us.

Continue to pray for our ESL school. We continue to operate in downsized market. We just witnessed another such school going out of business.

We praise the Lord that He continue to supply our every need. I got our latest request for vaccination funds answered in a matter of hours last month. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support. We know we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries (UBM)

PO Box 1761

Columbia, SC 29202

Oct 25

Mission to the Children, Mexico, Troy and Imelda Guild

Imelda and I are getting ready to take our family to Mexico for the week of Thanksgiving. Imelda has filled several suitcases with needed items for the orphanages.  I am looking forward to meeting the new directors Oscar and Andrea for the first time. They are doing a good job and it is a pleasure to support them.  They send big hugs and warm greetings from the teenage Boy’s Home. Also, Rosa and Cecy send greetings from the Teenage Girls Home.  While in Mexico we usually stay in an extra room in Girl’s home, which allows us to spend more time with our dear friends Rosa and Cecy. Oscar, who sends us regular updates, sent us the grades for three of the boys, Carlos and Roberto Got high B’s, and Ismael Got a D. Ismael grades went down for this month so please pray for him. On the other hand Roberto made the honor roll. They have more boys but these were the grades Oscar had when he wrote us. In addition to taking clothes and meeting the directors, we will also we will look into starting a new feeding program for needy children in the poorest parts of Colima.  Please pray God’s wisdom as we make decisions about future ministries. Thankfully, when we return from Mexico, Sam, who has been in bible school and homeschool, will be coming back with us.  Sam is having an awesome time in Mexico, and In addition to his studies, he has been involved in several ministries with youth and Mission. Sam has still not decided what he wants to do after he graduates, but he has narrowed his options to: Got to Med School in Mexico; Go to Christ for the Nations bible school in Dallas, TX; or go get a teaching degree at an undecided university.  Please pray for him as he seeks God’ will for his future. Our other Son Josh Just finished Football.  He played offensive and defensive line, and was one of the leading tacklers for his team.  We are so proud of him; The Varsity Coach is already looking and him to play next year. Josh and Sammy are straight A students, who love the Lord.  Our Ministries continue to grow and we are thankful for your prayer and financial support.  It has already been 17 teen years since we started Mission to the children and we are still being used by God to help those who are in need. Thank You

Please make your Check to

Mission to the Children

PO Box 211322

Bedford, Texas 76095

Oct 25

Hope Ireland Missions, September report, Chris and Larena Johnson

Greetings, loved one! September was a hard month, as I (Larena)

found out my dad died suddenly on the last day of August. As you

can imagine, this news hit me very hard. I was unable to fly back

as Anora was only 4 weeks old, and had no passport. It was a very

difficult time, and the miles seemed endless. One thing is for sure,

my dad is with Jesus now,

My sister Julie was able to get a Skype session in, where

my dad was able to see Anora properly for the first time. I thank

God he saw her before he passed. My sister was a great support

during this time taking care of his affairs and details and referring

things to me. Her family were so helpful taking care of so many

details, and sorting through his house and personal things. I thank

God for her. She and I are planning his wake and funeral to be

held in December. Please pray everything with Anora’s passport

will go through. It takes 2 months for a first time passport. We are

praying for the provisions to return to Chicago for a few weeks,

please stand with us in prayer over that as well.

Our home church, Living Hope sent a team out this past

month to help deep clean and make repairs on my dad’s house. We

were in awe of the work they put into the house, as well as my sister

and her family. So many people made us feel loved and cared for

in my absence. I will never forget this. I want to especially thank

Christian, and Cristina Rath for organizing and executing the

work, and for my Uncle John for being available to me and my

sister in this time of grief. It’s in the hard times that the light of

Jesus really shines through others and makes all the difference.

Thank you!

Thank you all for praying as well for me during this

season. Thank you for the special messages, the cards and the

words of encouragement. I appreciate it more than you will ever


Chris’ Dad Rick was with us for a couple weeks, and we

were so thankful for him. He cooked and cleaned and helped with

so much! He was able to hold little Anora, and I thanked God that

she had a Grandpa here, even as one Grandpa passed. It was

precious moments for her. She was very content in his arms for

hours! It was amazing!!

Chris started back in his college course he is taking in

Dublin, so every Thursday he will take the trek to Dublin again to

finish his semester with CCI (formerly AGI) Ireland. We are also

hitting the ground running with loads of events for the month of

October. We are doing planning now and brainstorming for some

ideas to reach the demographic of youth and young adults who do

not know Jesus. Our deepest prayer for the end of this season, is

to reach new youth for Jesus! Please stand with us in that prayer.

Recently, we’ve had 3 new youth start attending

TORCH! We are thrilled, and praying they continue to come back

where we will be able to introduce them to Jesus. Small groups

also started up with our young adults, and it was great to have the

laughter and the excitement back in our home again! We are doing

a new video series that is creating great discussion on how we can

reach those who do not know Jesus in our daily lives. It’s a series

that is equipping them with information to help explain to people

who doubt Jesus’ existence. We plan to also start showing the

videos in our TORCH small group settings.

We are planning to take the youth to Mini Pulse, which

is a night where youth from all over the country come to hear a

dynamic message on the Gospel, have unreal worship, and fun

with others their age. Usually, at least 50-100 salvations occur! So

please pray for the hearts that need to hear the message.

In other news, one of our own friends from Galway got

married and it brought a group of our favorite girls back to

Ireland from the States! The first year we were here, we spent

most of our time with Annie, Maura, Liz and Lauren. All four of

these girls have a huge love for Galway, and they are even now

supporting this work here! So they are still having an impact on

this nation in a huge way–by investing in these youth and young

adults, and we thank God for them! As we thank God for all of

you who stand with us to make this work possible! We know this

is a team effort, and we are so thankful to each of you for having

a part in what God has given us to do.

We are planning some amazing things for October.

First of course is Mini Pulse. Then we have a guest speaker coming

to town for the 13th, Iulian Moldovan. He’s a dynamic speaker

and individual. He and his wife will be coming from Dublin to

share with TORCH. Then towards the end of the month, we are

going to have a “Harvest Hunt” in Galway town. We will use this

night to try and connect with new youth to invite to TORCH.

Please pray we reach at least one!!

We are so thankful for each and every one of you and

your constant prayers and support for us! Please pray with us

that the exchange rate will go down. It has gone from 1.05 to 1.20

in the matter of a couple months. This always effects us in big

ways. If you can pray that it will go back down again, we would

greatly appreciate it! We trust the Lord for everything, and we

know He can move mountains, and exchange rates! All our love

to you and yours!!

Larena, Chris and Anora


Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

Please pray we reach more youth and young adults for Jesus this autumn

Please pray for Anora’s passport to come in a timely fashion

Please pray for provisions for a return trip in December to take care of Larena’s father’s affairs.

Please pray for the exchange rate to go back down.


Support Information:   If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417

(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)

You can also give at:

Oct 24


Dear Friends,

As we watch our world’s circumstances it seems more and

more like Christ could return at any time – earthquakes, floods,

hurricanes, wars and rumors of wars, false teachers abounding

and persecution of Christians increasing. God’s Word tells us

in 2 Peter 3:9, that God “wants none to perish but desires all to

come to repentance and to a knowledge of the truth”. God, in

His great kindness and love for mankind is giving us signs of

his return but continues to wait for more and more people to

come to Him before He returns. God’s patience towards

mankind should stir us to tell our friends, our loved ones, our

neighbors, our co-workers and everyone about Him and how

we can enter into a personal relationship with Him!

GCOM just completed a ministry trip to different parts of

central and southern Mexico. This trip was like a whirlwind as

we went from place to place graduating students from the

Bible College, ministering to children, training pastors,

distributing literature and doing whatever else God put in front

of us to do. It truly was a blessed trip! All in all, we saw close

two hundred seventy people come to the Lord, graduated one

hundred and sixty people from the Grace Christian Outreach

Ministries “School of Ministry”, began construction on a

church in the mountains of San Luis Potosi, central Mexico

and saw other villages where churches are needed, trained

many pastors in multiplying disciples and distributed many

thousands of Gospel tracts, books of Luke and several hundred

Bibles. We were also blessed to donate a van to the pastor in

the mountain village where the first church is being built!


GCOM has also recently completed its first formal graduations of Bible College students in Pakistan. Many others have completed the classes before but this was the first time we did formal graduations. They were beautiful graduations!

Several Bible Colleges have recently been started in India and soon they will have the training materials not just in English but in their native language of Telegu. This will allow us to start many more Bible Colleges in this part of India.

Our goal for these Bible Colleges is not to give people strictly head knowledge but to prepare them to be instruments in God’s hands where He can use them to do ministry wherever He has called them. From our Bible College graduates in Nuevo Laredo many graduates have gone out and are planting churches, others are doing street evangelism, children’s ministry, radio ministry, and pastoral ministry.

Children’s Outreach

Please pray for God’s blessing as GCOM does a large children’s ministry in the commercial center of Monterrey this Saturday and an evangelistic crusade for all ages this Sunday. We are believing God to fill the commercial center up which would allow us to minister to two thousand people at each outreach. We are also wanting to bless each child with a toy to show them God’s love in a practical way. If you want to help us purchase toys for the children just put a note in with your donation telling us it is for toys.


God never ceases to amaze us with His goodness. Thanks to all of you who partner with GCOM through prayer and financial support. As God calls GCOM to reach more and more people for Christ and to train more and more leaders we are in need of more committed monthly supporters to help us extend the ministry to touch more lives. Please pray and ask God if He would like you to play a part in helping GCOM reach the lost around the world as either a committed prayer supporter or as a committed financial supporter or both. Thanks for considering this and we know God is faithful to guide His people.

If you are already a committed prayer or financial supporter or both please know you are the foundation of this ministry and please know we appreciate your sacrifice to help GCOM spread the Gospel!

Serving Christ,

Kevin Rosendahl


Ministry Needs

Ministry Needs – Mission groups to minister in Mexico – Piece of land for GCOM to purchase to enable us to stop paying lot rent and to use as a missionary/ministry base of operations to give us additional space for ministry

Toys, blankets, quilts, hygiene items, school supplies, Spanish Bibles and clothes for Christmas outreaches Ministry

Prayer Needs – For strength and protection for me and anyone else ministering in Mexico –

For the funding to do all God has called GCOM to do – Wisdom in every ministry, family and individual decision –

For God to continue strengthening our marriage and family – Guidance in all things –

For Joshua to be diligent in his schooling and to be led to the career God has for him –

For total healing of Sylvia’s acid reflux and eye issues

Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

205 Wildwood Avenue

Madison, MN 56256


Oct 03

Excellent Report from Mexico form Rick, Maricruz and Daniel

Dear Friends,

We would like to say thanks to all of you who have been praying for us. The days are becoming more dangerous where we are ministering. Please continue to pray for our personal protection. We fear not the enemy but put our trust in God who is able to keep us safe as we serve Him. We love advancing the Kingdom of God even with the persecution and attacks. The scripture says if your being persecuted your walking with Jesus. Serving the Lord is not an easy life. It comes with many difficulties but we overcome in Jesus!

The World is full of strive and conflict. God is full of Peace and Joy. Try turning off the news for a Month and spend time talking with the Lord. You will find that lost Peace and you will be renewed. Don’t spend so much time focusing on the World but turn your thoughts to God your Loving Father.

The radio ministry is growing way beyond what we expected. We are focused on Sharing the Love of Jesus with our listeners. Everyday people are turning their hearts to God and asking Him to save them. It’s fun to hear our station being played on buses, in taxis, being played in businesses and homes. Just yesterday we heard Maricruz preaching in a hospital. The message she was sharing was so anointed that everyone in the waiting room was listening. Lets keep praying for people who listen to receive Jesus and open their hearts to change.

Today is our family day so I need to go be with Mari and Daniel. I wanted to include you all in this special day. We Love You!!!

Rick Maricruz and Daniel

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