Jan 08

Important Request from Rick and Maricruz in Mexico

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2018! We are filled with anticipation looking forward to see what the Lord will do this Year. The New Year is starting out great. Yesterday the Lord Blessed us with a new Digital Transmitter for the Radio Station. It was not only an answer to prayer but a promise from God. Last Oct I was praying with friends in Bakersfield, CA. During our prayer time Paul saw an Angel enter the room holding a metal box. The Angel asked Paul to tell me that God wants to give us a Digital Transmitter. 30 minutes later Maricruz called me from Cancun and told me that the Mexican Government is requiring that we have a digital Transmitter for our radio station. The Lord is Good and Faithful.

If you remember we need to raise $18,000 to legalize our Radio Station in Mexico. We are thankful for the support that has been coming in. We still need $9,100 to meet the requirements. We are trusting in God to touch the hearts of His people to invest in this Kingdom Ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Serving the King

Rick Maricruz & Daniel Szymanski

Dec 12

Beautiful Harvest Report

November 22, 2017

Psalm 126


Wow, October came and went and here we are at Thanksgiving.  We apologize for being late on the update but there have been pressing ministry needs and family illness that have taken the forefront in recent weeks.  

October was a great month for outreach!  Justin attended  White Cone United Methodist Church in Arizona to provide support to Pastor Rayefield Nez.  Justin was also invited to give a testimony during the service and share about Beautiful Harvest Project.  This visit was to lay the foundation for how BHP interacts with the church in the future.  Pastor Rayefield is working to recover some of the necessary infrastructure to his church that was lost following the death of his father.  Prayers and encouragement are welcomed as he works to restore stability.  Pastor Rayefield is working to identify ministry needs at this time.  We will continue to explore how we can come alongside White Cone UMC in the future.

Justin reached out to Cove Christian Church in Arizona to schedule a visit.  When Lance Barber, Youth Minister to the church learned that we had moved to the Reservation he invited our family of 5 to stay with his family of 6 in their home the night before service to prevent us from making a long drive in early that morning.  Lance and Justin had only met one time prior and none of the other family members had ever met.  We jumped right in and God rewarded us with amazing fellowship and grew our Navajo family by 6 that weekend.  Ashli and Justin both shared testimony in service on Sunday.

Ashli attended a women’s conference with CeCe, a church leader from Dine Christian Church, in Monticello, UT.  This provided great relationship building opportunity for Ashli and has absolutely exploded our ministry potential within that particular church.

Answer to Prayer !

In the September update  we mentioned the severe need for children’s Bibles in the Navajo churches.  We are pleased to announce that a church in Metter, GA stepped up and added a case of Bibles to the two we purchased.  This will help us meet the needs of 3 churches but this is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved in this special project.  




Justin and Ashli Galloway

Dec 12

UfaBible Ministries, Spanning Continents for Christ



It has been busy a few weeks but the Lord gives us strength through it all and blesses our efforts as we give Him the maximum glory with our lives. We hope all of you have had a glorious season of Thanksgiving filled with gratitude for the goodness of the Lord. We are truly grateful that you are connected with us, and that you are helping us fight in prayer for the Lord’s purposes to be accomplished on this earth.

The highlights of this month was a workshop that we did at one of the churches at the other end over the Ural Mountains. We taught leaders of that small church about every believer’s obligation to be a disciple as well as to disciple others. The outcome of the mission workshop were decisions to settle people into small groups and make a discipleship project in near future. We praise the Lord for good meetings and safe travels.

Now we ask you continue to pray for this small church to continue to grow first the all spiritually and then numerically. They face ongoing opposition and live on the front-line of spiritual warfare.

As for the family, we are all doing well. Tim is loving his homeschool as a 2nd grader and Christina is now 1 year and 7 months and growing every day. Thank you to those of you who gave materials and books for the homeschooling and for Sunday school as well.

You have been a huge blessing to us! Year-end giving. As we come to the close of 2017 some of the areas of Ufa Bible Ministries are underfunded. We are approaching the new year with a bit uncertainty but in full trust for the Lord to provide.

As our family grow we find it will be challenging in 2018 to make trips all together and paying the full prices for both our kids. We have a few of our passport’s renewals in 2018 which adds up to it. Thank you! We know we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people.

We are especially fond of you. Let us continue pressing forward so that we can know Jesus and make Him known.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries (UBM)

PO Box 1761

Columbia, SC 29202

Dec 12

Christmas Newsletter from Robert and Joy Varga

Dear loved ones and friends, 

Greetings from a very hot and humid Paraguay…
We are still dreaming of having a 
white Christmas someday!
In the meantime the Lord is supplying the grace to press forward towards a new direction for us.
In our November Newsletter we let you know that reassignments were coming up for the pastors…

 As of January 10th we are reassigned to our National Camp ground church, a country church,
 located 1 and ½ to 2 hours from where we are now!
The name of the church is 
“Peniel” which means “face to face with God”!  (Genesis 32:30)
It is a beautiful surrounding with a view towards the hills, a spectacular sight…
It reminds us of 
Psalm 121:1.  “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth”…
We will need His help and your prayers…
The church members are about 15 persons and all are neighbors  around the campsite.
Very precious and hardworking
  small-farm people…
We were asked be their pastors and build up the church membership, which will be a challenge as there are not many people around…yet!
Robert discovered a small university in a nearby village and will look into it to see if we can start an outreach there… as a backup for this little church…All things are possible with the Lord!

The people of the church have not much money.  They live from day to day and usually pay their pastor with what is available, so Robert is exploring new ideas on how to help them raise funds personally and locally for the needs of the church…
Again, there is no parsonage available for us but we can stay overnight at the campground when we need to…
We won’t be moving house this year because;
*l will still 
work at the school one full day a week with discipeling and counseling the moms of the students and possible new teachers. (On Sunday the 3rd we gave out certificates for all the moms that have been discipled. What a blessing and victory this year!!!!)
*l was reassigned as the chaplain for the National Women Federation.
*l will 
 also work one more  year with the medical clinic, unless the Lord directs me differently …

So we will be commuting and that will be time consuming and costly.  We will appreciate your prayers for traveling grace and protection on the road…
We count on the Lord to give us grace, strength, wisdom and guidance…
We are excited about the change and this little church!
Little is much when 
God is in it.  It doesn’t depend on how much or many but in how much you believe God can and will do!!! And then letting Him do it through us…

 Health and prayer requests:
We are asking for specific prayer right now.  l had another mishap with my back…
I went to the hospital and studies showed that a disk moved and is pinching a nerve, it’s very painful!
I had four days of injections. I have been wearing a back brace and applying daily deep heat and resting. Right when we are in the middle of graduations, Christmas programs, leadership meetings and changes!!!
I was doing better…Last Saturday when getting ready to go to the graduation of the seminary students, while taking a shower, reaching out for the shampoo, one slow movement, messed up everything.
Back to square one…
Robert had to go alone to the graduation and the next day we were supposed to go to the new church to be introduced by the District supervisor… Again, Robert had to go alone.
, another missionary and my prayer partner came to help me and keep me company…God bless her!

*Keep two families of our students in your prayers please… 
The mother of a 3th grader she is diagnosed with far advanced cancer of the cervix…
The father of a 7
th grade student diagnosed with meningitis…
Both families came to trust in the Lord…

Prayer changes things!!! 
Today, l am sitting behind my computer to write you this newsletter!
After the desperate prayer time yesterday with Sue and rest, l can move again…taking breaks, slow walks and stretching…l have no pain at this moment and l am so very thankful for His Grace and blessings…
 is out running errands and keeping up with the work…and giving out Christmas tracts with invitations for Bible studies.
 just got news from one of the students that her father who was diagnosed with meningitis is responding well to the treatment!
Thank you Lord!
* Answered prayers aren’t merely highly unlikely coincidences…
They are the fingerprints of a living, loving God Who invites all of us to draw close to Him, the One who made us and is not far from each one of us; for in Him we 
LIVE and MOVE and have ourBEING
Acts 17:27-28…So very TRUE!!!
We want to wish you…
A very blessed Christmas and a fruitful New Year trusting Him IN all and THROUGH it all!
We are in His Hands and we can rejoice that ministry depends on His Grace and not our abilities and keeping on seeking Him for the necessary Grace to serve Him in any way He desires…
That is our wish for 2018 and for all of you…We love you!

A big hug wrapped up in prayers,

Your missionaries
Robert and Joy Varga.

Dec 12

Great Report from Mission to the Children, Mexico

Imelda and I had a wonderful time ministering in Colima. We saw the hand of God move in the lives of so many people. We had the opportunity of peaching and teaching in many places.  God really rose up Imelda and gave her a special anointing to minster to the women.  She spoke with a new authority and a passion.

I was so proud of her.  She was the one who really shined on our mission trip. She is more comfortable behind the scenes, but this was her time to preach and I ended up following her most of the time.  It was amazing to see God work through Imelda in such a public way. Thank you for your prayers we felt them.

We took several suitcases of clothes to the Boys and Girls home.  Your Donations help us provide many needed items.  We especially want to thank the Girls Home for hosting us during our trip. They spoiled us and treated us with such love and hospitality.  It was humbling to see people with so little give so much. As a way of saying thanks, Imelda was able to take the girls out to lunch and have some girl time.  Rosa and Cecy thank you so much.  It was nice to see Sammy again. Three months was a long time, but he grew so much spiritually that we knew his time was well spent.  Sammy and Josh both had opportunities to speak and share, and as a parent I can say that I have never been so proud of them.  Seeing them minister and grow spiritual has been a lifelong prayer for us, and we praise God to see our boys bring glory to the name of our savior. This has been one of our best years in ministry and we want to thank all of our sponsors for making it Possible.

Please make checks to: Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford, TX 76095


Dec 12

Wonderful Story, Hannah Hunter, Team Seasoned Hearts

Beatrice-Bringer of Joy

My first mission to Kenya I expected it to be my one and only. I poured HIS love and ministered to everyone HE put in my path- the abused beautiful Maasai women, orphans touching me to see if my skin was real, prisoners needing just the hug of a mum, and a marketplace crowd staring at the mzungi preaching on the rickety stage.

Every venue I went to I noticed a silent, smiling, beautiful woman dressed in regal brightly colored clothes. She was watchful and her lips moved constantly in prayer. My interaction and knowledge of the Kenyans were Dan and his team.

Toward the end of my mission I was called to a dung hut on the police compound to pray for a woman who was ill. Here was this lovely woman I had observed. She was introduced to me as Beatrice, the mother to Dan the leader of the Kenyan team. I was not given that information until they saw the intent of my heart.

A bond of two mothers who joined in purpose to see the sons equipped and released to their destiny was being forged. Yes there were subsequent missions. Average three a year. Each time Beatrice was present praying, worshiping, and supporting. I felt her heart as a mum and a mighty woman of GOD. Each time we met her English improved, and my Swahili not so much!

Fast forward to one of my prolonged missions when I set up medical camps on Beatrice’s tribal land in the bush! In the heat of the day or in pitch black evening with only a smoky kerosene lantern for light we began to share those things in our hearts. When there is no electricity, running water, and no air traffic overhead it is silent. No distractions. You cannot even read a book by that light.

Women are the same all over the world. We want a good life for our children, and we dream of greatness for them. Beatrice became my sister in every way in that season. We would talk of our cultures, share yet unfulfilled dreams, speak of our families, and our lives as widows. Beatrice was the first wife of a polygamist. Her father was a military officer on first presidential detail when Kenya gained her independence from Britain. She lost her first two sons to sudden death by a curse. She saw her third son, Dan resurrected through prayer and supplication after being dead six hours.

Seven hundred people came onto her land to be treated for various illnesses or came to see what was happening. When I was ready to depart and return to USA Beatrice asked to have a word with me. In that divine moment filled with HIS glory and presence Beatrice gave me her son to be my son. She blessed me to be his mum from that day. Tears, honoring of each other, and gifts were exchanged. It is the words though that I will always carry in my spirit and heart.

I felt the weight of this task and endowment by this amazing woman, Beatrice, of the most precious thing she had-her eldest son, Dan. I sought GOD daily and wanted to honor this covenant bond.

GOD in HIS mercy hides things too painful until the moment when grace descends and envelops us. Less than six months later my dear sister took her flight back to the ONE who created her. My last words to her were speaking through a phone 7,000 miles away while her son held the phone to her ear. We know she heard because they saw her respond to my voice.

Now I get to see her in the actions and eyes of her children. I get to tell the grandbabies of the amazing grandmother I loved named Beatrice. Our differences of cultures were melted in the light of HIS glory.

Dec 12

Great News from Ireland, Chris, Larena and Anora Johnston

Hello loved ones! We hope this finds you getting ready for Christmas and the New Year! We hope and pray you each had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday.

For us, it’s always hard to be away from family for the holidays. We try and make the most of it, by filling our home with as many young adults as we can fit, having a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together. This year, we had a full house again, and it was amazing to have everyone! The fellowship and laughter that fills our home on Tuesday nights with our small groups is amazing. We have lots of feedback from those who have been here for a season, and returned home, that these nights really helped them feel like they were home away from home.

We have been very busy this past month with the youth and young adults going to Shoe Boxes. This is a wonderful ministry that is set up here, where school children prep boxes for underprivileged youth in remote countries. It’s a wonderful way to shine the love of Jesus into the lives of those less fortunate. We pray they sense the love of Jesus, and come to know him! We love being a part of this every year, where we bring our crowds to help stuff, check, and pack boxes to be shipped. See the photo above of one of the nights we went!

Last month, we shared with you the news that we heard that our landlady was wanting to sell the home we are living in. We exhausted every avenue, only to find out we simply do not check the boxes to get a loan. We’ve learned a valuable lesson, on what we need to do in order to be ready to get a loan in the future. So we will prepare the things we need to, in hopes to be able to get a loan one day. But for now, we are going to trust the Lord to provide a warm, clean, dry home that will meet all our ministry needs to rent.

Please stand in faith with us on that. It’s going to be tough to move from this home, as it’s truly been such a Godsend to us, and has been perfect for all our ministry needs…but we trust God that He knows our needs and is preparing a home. I really don’t want to give up our small groups by getting a home that is too far out or not accommodating for large groups.

Please do keep that in your prayers, because the housing market is in a crisis here. The rent is sky high, and the homes are few and far between. As it is, we will need to raise more funds just to downsize-if God doesn’t provide a miracle. But we know He can do anything!

This month, Chris preached at our home church here. He spoke on Psalm 22. He showed how Jesus, while on the cross was possibly referring to this passage. It’s a really amazing revelation he believes God gave to him, and through this message, he gave the option for others to give their hearts to Jesus. Well, would you believe that one of the young adults, that just recently started coming to GCF, raised his hand to follow Jesus?! Praise the Lord!! Another individual also gave their hearts to Jesus that day—and this loved ones, is exactly WHY we do this work!

In fantastic news that we received shortly after our last newsletter, we are thrilled to share with you that we received Irish residency biased on our little Galway Girl Anora! This allows us to be able to live in Ireland 3 years at a time, instead of living year by year and having to pay a huge fee every year, not to mention BEG to say in the country! We were given 2 years of extended grace by residing on a volunteer visa, but we now have Irish Residency. So when I mentioned that a lot of hard things were hitting us all at once, and every time that happens, usually something really big and amazing breaks—well, we believe the residency was exactly it!

Now we are able to plan better, and the cloud of uncertainty is lifted. We can plan our longer term goals! Praise God. He is the one who has given us these visions and dreams, and He is the one making the way. This is why ultimately as we mourn the loss of this house, we still look forward to what He has in store for us next…because He is always faithful, and we always see that He always provides for our needs, especially ministry needs! Thank God for scriptures like Philippians 4:6-7!

We are looking forward to heading back this December to spend time with family, as many of them have yet to meet the newest addition!! We have some dates opened for our friends and loved ones to connect! Please take us up on one of these dates as our time will be limited and we would like to see as many people as possible.

We will have an open house on Friday, December 29th from 1pm-7pm in Crete IL, at 229 W. Exchange street. We will also be at Living Hope Church on Sun, Dec 17th. We will spend the afternoon at Journey Pregnancy Hub, on Wed Dec 20th, and Grace Church on Sun Dec 24th. We would be thrilled if you are able to stop by one of these dates to meet Anora, and we can share with you more of what God has done here in 2017!

We could simply NOT do this without your love, prayers and support. We know God puts us on your hearts, to be able to do this work! Thank you—we hope to see you soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chris, Larena and Anora!

Support Information

If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417

(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)


Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

Please pray for our housing situation, that we will find a warm, dry, and efficient house for our ministry needs.

Please pray we will be able to finish out this year pouring the love of Jesus into these youth and young adults.

Please pray for safe travels to and from America.

Please pray for the provisions necessary to meet the ministry needs for 2018

Nov 15

Mission to the Children, Mexico – Special Request

It has been a real Good month for our ministries. We all struggle with the church shooting in Texas, and it was hard for us because we too are a small rural church. However, we pushed through the anger and fear to deeper faith.  Bad things may continue to happen, but it is how we respond to these tragedies that defines us as Christian.

It is in the dark moments that we have to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  We fight evil with good so we have to push past revenge and fear till we reach forgiveness and peace.  We can hate sin but we must forgive the sinner. The darker the world gets the greater is the need for Christ.  It has been good for our ministries, because we chose faith and hope.

We have a new urgency to evangelist, and we know that Jesus Christ is the answer to ALL The world’s problems.

We leave for Mexico in ten hours and I am urgently excited to preach and teach. I look forward to encouraging the new directors, and giving away suitcase of new clothes and shoes.  Thanks to your support, we will be able meet a lot of needs. I look forward to meeting the new boys.

Hello my Name is Juan, and I am Thirteen years old. I am in the eighth Grade. I came to the orphanage in 2009 with my brother and two sisters. We came because my mother in a single parent and had to work two jobs to take care of us, and she was hardly at home. She realized we needed a better life, and she was unable to take care of us.

Juan is one the boys that we help support, and I want you to see the face of one of the boys we are helping. Thank you for helping us make a difference. We will be in Mexico for two weeks, and we also want to give Christmas bonuses to 10 workers of the orphanages. We are trying to raise $1,000. The workers make many sacrifices for the children, and they too have needs.

Please help as you can. We are grateful for your continued support.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all”.

Make Checks to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322, Bedford TX 76095

Nov 10

Important Report and Request from Stas Karpenko, Ufa Bible Ministries, Russia


Autumn is here in the Urals and we are at the full swing with our ESL school. We have been enjoying getting to know our new students and building new relationships in classes. We have some strong friendships already in place. The students in our classes become more like close relatives as we roll through a year. We have students from various backgrounds such as a head accountant for a construction firm (largest in town), a natural gas pipeline engineer or mere school kids.

Please pray as we are moving throughout a year for continuation of building of strong relationships and seeds sowing in the classes with the gospel. We want to see our every student in heaven with us! As a special prayer request of the month we ask you to pray for one church in Bashkortostan whose pastor invited us to come and teach on the biblical principles of disciple making and house churches. It is interesting that pastor Fare’et was skeptical about the whole house church thing a few years ago.

Fruit of Government Pressure

Now, that his church is suffering pressure from both the government and community they turned to that idea. We are going to visit that church and serve them with the word of encouragement and a seminar for their leaders. Please hold us in prayer for travel mercies. There is only one shoddy road as you travel through the Ural mountains to get to that town. In this season it could be tricky. We see accidents and overturned vehicles every other ride. Pray that the hearts and minds of the church members were open to savor biblical truth.

Pray that as a fruit of their difficulties will be new disciples. Praise the Lord for one more church in the movement! It is still our pain to hear about churches and groups in Russia that cease to exist because of “we have no place to meet” or “our pastor gone and we don’t know what to do”.

Crises in the Russian Church

Wherever we visit a church with a message we start off with the clear biblical definition of what constitutes a church. Many think that we are church because we are a part of a church association or we have a place where to meet. There is no sense of ownership of your local church. Christians here think somebody else should care of their church and ministry. This is partly due to initiative and ownership were viewed as deformity not as a virtue during Soviet time.

Pray for those views to be replaced by Biblical truth as we lead the seminar and in the minds of many other Christians and church’s leaders here.

Special Need

One of the downsides of the month was a pressing need for a new TV as the previous TV was overturned by accident during one of the groups. The price of the new TV here is around $250. At this point we don’t have any funds available to cover this need. If the Lord is leading you toward making a special gift to UBM it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support! We are blessed to have you in our team. You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries (UBM)

PO Box 1761

Columbia, SC 29202

Nov 10

Important News from Hope Ireland Missions, Larena, Chris and Anora

Greetings loved ones! October has been another busy month. First, our guest

speakers, Iullian & Rebecca Moldovan came from Dublin & shared with our

youth a dynamic message about how to stand for Jesus even in times when

things are hard. There was an altar call in the end asking who would like to

stand for Jesus no matter their situation, & numerous youth responded. We

are so proud of our youth, & how they keep choosing Jesus! We also see fruit

through them inviting their friends to Torch, & their friends continuing to come.

We are so thankful every year God brings us new youth to invest in!!

We have 3 new young adults starting to attend GCF, which is

exciting! We have continued with our Salt services the first Tuesday of the

month. Then, the other Tuesdays we have small groups at our home. I have

to admit there have been later dinners & me slipping out here & there as little

Anora starts to fuss or need me, but they don’t seem to mind. After all, Anora

was prayed for by each & every one of them from day one. It’s great to get

back into the swing of things!

Recently, Chris shared an amazing analogy that he learned in his

leadership class. The speaker talked about the men in the circus who spin

plates. When one starts to wobble, more attention & care is taken with that

plate, to try & get it spinning perfectly again. He said our leaders and disciples

are those plates. When you see one wobble, make sure to take extra care &

get them spinning again. It was so simple, but will stay with me forever,

because one of the things Chris & I value most is taking that extra time and

care to develop these individuals into the call & potential God has placed on

their lives. We take time to meet one on one with our leaders & others as often

as we can, especially if they are “wobbling”.

This month, we were able to spend quality time with one of our

leaders who has been going through a tough season. He kept isolating himself

from the group & even us, but through constant prayer, non-stop facebook

messages, & finally not taking no for an answer & booking him a bus ticket to

our home–we had him over for a special dinner, dessert (once again a little

late)—prayer & a movie. It’s amazing how far something as simple as that

goes. After not attending youth or church for weeks, he returned! Praise God!

He is now finally getting back on track, it might take a bit more time for complete

restoration, but—the enemy is defeated simply because of the power of prayer

and love! This is what we live for, to see God break through & change course

in peoples lives!

One thing we also notice is that when a lot of trials hit us at once,

it’s because something big is coming. I (Larena) had the hardest, longest

labour I’ve ever heard or read about, then had many struggles & still battling

physical battles since labor, then my Father passed unexpectedly, & now–just

as we thought things were getting calmer again, we found out our landlady

wants to sell the house we are living in, & put it on the market soon. Once

again the timing is just horrible…or so it seems.

We prayed for 2 & 1/2 years for this house. How do we know it

was for this house? Because we made a list– a very long list of everything

we wanted & needed for a house. It was incredibly specific, & we left it to the

Lord, for those years. As you might remember, the previous house we lived

in, we both were very ill due to constant black mould exposure. The previous

house was around 1/4 th of the size of our current home, & cost us $800 more

a year to live in due to the poor insulation, dampness & electric heating. This

house is warm & dry & can fit (see photo above) loads of young adults–as

many as 22 in our living room (snug as a bug)! It’s also 5 minutes from the

bus that leaves every hour on the hour–is the right price for our budget, &

perfect size to grow a family. It has everything on that long list we made! Once

we got into this home, we started praying for the past almost 3 years that one

day, we could own it.

We knew there needed to be many miracles to own it, and figured

it would be down the road…because we as missionaries, have limited

possessions. We don’t even have residency or jobs here. We don’t have a

down payment or a way to acquire a loan…but we know that if God wants us

to have this home, He will make a way. You see, upon my dad’s death, we

remembered that as co-signers for the house, we now own that home. With

the sale of that home, we could just possibly have a down payment to offer

for this one! Anora being born as an Irish citizen could also get us a stamp

for residency  which could make the bank more likely to give us a loan.

Now, the biggest obstacle we see in our way is if the bank would

give us a loan, being that we don’t have a guaranteed income & our funding

comes from America. One of our mentors here, used to work high up in the

banking industry, & if it’s possible, he will be the one to help us get it! We’ve

requested that the landlady give us more time, & we believe if she does, she

will raise the rent. But, if we had to move, we are looking at a budget increase

in rent anywhere we go that will be dry, warm & adequate for our ministry

needs. So, please pray for us, that the God who owns this house,

the banks, & every single thing on this earth, might be doing all this to provide

a miracle for us to own this home?

Thankfully, we serve the one who provides miracles. We are

trusting Him that no matter what, His will is going to be done, & it’s a perfect

will. We trust Him in that. We believe that the call He has on us here is long

term, & we have seen Him open doors where only He could have opened…so

we wait, & trust & pray for His will to unfold. So we seek Him, but stay open

to whatever He says, because we trust Him, regardless if He gives us this

home, or moves us along. He is faithful either way!

Thank you all for your love, your support, & especially your

prayers because they move mountains! Thank you for being such an intricate

piece of our lives, & living this journey with us. Our lives are not our own, we

have laid them down, & you have helped us be the hands & feet of Jesus to

Galway Ireland. You are helping change a nation! All our love, till next time!

Larena, Chris and Anora


Prayer requests:

Please pray we can invest in the 6 new individuals the Lord has given us this year, for salvation, baptism and discipleship.

Please pray for our residency request to go through.

Please pray that if it be God’s best for us to own this home, that He will open the doors needed.

Please pray God provides for the extra funds to cover our airline tickets home this Dec.


If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417

(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)


For ONLINE giving go to: www.hopeirelandmissions.com & click on “partner.”

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