Aug 26

Darren O’Ouinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Darren O’Ouinn, TMCI missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to: 300
Number saved: 2

Monthly Report Summary

The ministry is growing and I believe the Lord is prospering the work of our hands. More opportunities are coming to preach the Gospel. And just ministering to people as we go… getting to pray with and for people, more healings are happening and deliverance…

Trying to start more projects that will increase the homes self sustainability in the future. We have a poultry project that is running in the red right now, but that will change in another month as the chickens start laying eggs, in Jesus name! And I have built a piggery and will be getting the piglets next week… Pigs will be much easier than chickens.. Learning about cheese and milk and cows… It is an abundant life…

I am learning so much!

Monthly Report Actions

I have been trying to get into the Masaka Prison system to minister to the prisoners for a while. Two weeks ago I thought that I was going to preach in the prison… I was wrong, I was ministering at the Police Barracks to the officers and their families, Praise GOD! Thank you Jesus for divine appointments… I met two officers that are going to assist me with getting into the prison!


I was ministering in the prison in Mbale about 10 hours away from Masaka. Two new brothers gave their hearts to our Lord Jesus! There was a party going on in heaven. Afterward we asked if any came sick or in pain to raise their hands. A lot of men raised their hands we asked the brothers around them to reach out to them and place their hands upon them and pray for healing for them… Then we asked for testimonies four men came up and testified of healing and the pain being gone… Another man came to say that he was still feeling pain, Halleluyah! We anointed him with oil and prayed and he said it was a little better, we laid hands on him again and prayed some more Holy Spirit showed up and healed him! Webale Yesu! Thank you-Jesus! We are supposed to all be operating in the gifts it is not only for a few but the whole body, we are supposed to be teaching these things encouraging each other, exhorting each other… ABBA, Jesus, Holy Spirit are so wonderful! I thank everyone for their prayers for the ministry, I lift the whole TMCI team up, in Jesus name AMEN!!!

Prayer Request:

Praise GOD! Our Lord is so good! I will be getting married in October He has Blessed me with a women that loves HIM and loves me… We have a home in Masaka,Uganda for about 75 children we got off of the streets and some of them the police have given to us. It is wonderful to see the Lord change them through His love!
Please pray for us, as we continue to minister to the lost… I didn’t say she is a preacher too! Please pray for growth of our finances and that HE continue to Bless and prosper the work of our hands! Thank you!

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