Aug 20

Rev. Gosto is out of Jail–Important Update From Jan Beaderstadt

Rev. Gosto is out of Jail.

It is said that no good deed goes unpunished. And this saying certainly applies to Rev. Gosto Sarker who was falsely jailed by the man that he blew the whistle on back in 2009 for sexual and financial misconduct.

When we first met Gosto, he was working for his uncle, Kesto Sarkar (a/k/a Christopher Sarkar) in his ministry at the Bangladesh Free Baptist Churches (BFBC). We, along with many ministries, were supporting their orphanage, known as Hope House.

What came to light in 2009 was that Kesto Sarkar was raping girls in the orphanage. The girls came forward and told Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt what was happening, and with Gosto’s investigation, Renaissance discovered that the allegations were true.

Renaissance Outreach Ministries was the only ministry to actively put a stop to the abuse. Ministries like Compassion International and World Vision did nothing to stop the abuse.

Renaissance took an active role in removing Kesto as head of BFBC. Renaissance Outreach alerted the National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh (NCFB) and after their investigation in 2010, they dis-fellowshipped Kesto Sarkar, stripping him of all voting rights in the national organization.

In March of 2010, Renaissance Outreached worked with leaders of BFBC and at the Annual General Meeting of the ministry, saw the

chairman. This was not an easy time; Kesto sent in goons to disrupt the meeting. Several people, including women were wounded in the attack.

Rape charges were filed against Kesto in 2009. He was only able to stay out of jail by paying large amounts of money in Dhaka (the capital city of Bangladesh) in High Court, and using misappropriated money to defend himself.

The legal system in Bangladesh is highly corrupted. Attorneys will prolong cases to keep making money. There are instances of cases dragging for as long as 35 years in courts with no resolution in sight.

Kesto lashed out against Gosto, filing charges of being in possession of BFBC legal papers. Gosto was entitled to be in possession of those papers as he was then secretary of their board of directors. Kesto fired him, and immediately filed the lawsuit as a form of harassment.

We haven’t heard much from Kesto in recent years, but once we closed the Schools of Light in Satkhira District where Gosto served amiably as our superintendent of schools, Kesto reappeared on the scene. He resurrected an old case against Gosto, and paid the police to arrest Gosto at midnight on July 4. Gosto was dragged out of his home and beaten by police before being taken to jail. He was finally released after having to post bail ten days later.

Gosto had started a school and church in his home village of Jatpur. As his ministry was an independent ministry, he did not have the backing of a large church organization to protect him as he did when we had the schools.

Renaissance had given him six months’ severance pay, and in June, voted to continue to support him at $200 as a missionary in Bangladesh. He has been doing ministry with the fishing people in the remote Sundarban region while developing his church and schools. We have continued to work with him and have found him to be an excellent ministry partner. We have known Gosto for 15 years, and have been impressed with his growth in the Lord.

Gosto holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and is an excellent preacher. He is married and has one young son.

Renaissance is asking that people be praying for Gosto, for protection as well as to finally defeat Kesto Sarkar in his evil.

Anyone willing to help support his salary is welcome to do so through Renaissance Outreach Ministries.

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