Aug 19

The Move of God Continues, Bishop Bawa, Immaneul Chapel, Waterfalls, Zembabwe

Immanuel Chapel August 2015 Report to TMCI

From the second of August to the fifth, we had the privilege to have Evangelist Missionary Geeta. She conducted services during our main Sunday service in Waterfalls and on the third she was at our Hoply Church.

Evangelist Missionary Geeta
During the main Sunday service in Waterfalls, the Evangelist ministered powerfully and then anointed everyone with oil and also prayed for the sick and people were healed we thank God. The following day we went with her to Muda where there was a huge turnout. The community hall we were using for the evening service was full to capacity and there was no space such that some people had to listen from outside. An estimated 300 plus people attended the meeting. Over 50 people gave their lives to Christ. The Evangelist also prayed for everyone and anointed the sick. On Wednesday the third, she conducted a service with our Hopeley Assembly. The service was very powerful as some were delivered from various demonic oppressions. Among those that came up to testify was a woman who had suffered fits since her childhood but was delivered and healed. It is also worth noting that a man who was molding bricks a distance away could hear the preaching of the word through
the PA system and drawn by the preaching of the word and came with tears rolling down his face to give his life to Christ. Moreover, he was delivered from alcohol and cigarettes instantly and threw away a packet of cigarettes he had without being compelled by anyone as testament that he had been delivered.

We continue to be in awe of the revival that has hit Immanuel Chapel Ministry since the visit of the TMCI team. Since the visit, we are seeing a great change and an amazing wave of revival.

Evangelism and Church Planting
As a result of the fire that was ignited by the TMCI team, our evangelism team is fervent and eager to spread that fire of revival. As such they held are holding a crusade from 24 to 30 August at Patterson Farm in Chihota about 70km from Harare. The purpose of this crusade is to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ and also to plant a church for those that will be saved during the crusade. As such, Immanuel Chapel will have another church assembly by the end of August in line with our mandate to evangelize and reach the world for Christ.

Humbly submitted by Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

Missionary Geeta in Huda, Zimbabwe

Missionary Geeta in Huda, Zimbabwer

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