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“Listen, my beloved brethren: has God not chosen the poor of
this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which
he promised to those who love Him?” James 2:5.

Dear Friends,
We pray that you are walking in the grace and love of God and
falling more in love with Jesus each day! The past month and
a half has been a busy and fruitful time of ministry as we have
ministered both in south Mexico and in the northern part of
Mexico primarily focusing on reaching the children for Christ.
GCOM was able to send this group from Monterey to minister in
Veracruz. God’s word is being spread rapidly this way.

Recently Bill Schmidt, a friend of GCOM from
Omaha, Nebraska called me with a great opportunity for this
ministry. He is a printer and prints most of the literature we
use from Body Life Ministries under the direction of Rick
Waymire. His church is doing a promotion to raise funds for
Gospel tracts and they would like to match every donation
given to GCOM for tracts. Whatever is given specifically for
tracts will be matched! Each tract typically costs one penny
but now we can get two for one penny. A donation of $100
will provide 20,000 tracts and $5000 will provide one million
tracts. Please pray about this and consider donating towards
this matching grant to flood Mexico with Gospel literature!
We also have another opportunity to reach unreached people
with the gospel. I was contacted by James Landowski, a friend
of GCOM from Hawaii, who in the past has provided
hundreds of audio New Testaments on cassette with a cassette
player and batteries for us to supply to the blind, illiterate, and
the unreached! He now would like to put the New Testament
on inexpensive MP3 players to distribute to the same needy
people throughout Mexico. Please pray that he will be able to
buy the MP3 players at a greatly reduced cost and that this
project will come together quickly so we can spread God
Word even further by using this medium.

The end of May I was in Ciudad Carmen, Campeche, in thesouthern part of Mexico ministering with Pastor Benign Suarez and his wife, Guillermina. We held children’s
outreaches each night and it was awesome to see the spiritual
hunger in the children and their parents! Many gave their lives
to the Lord through the outreaches. The church of Benigno
and Guillermina is located near the worst part of Ciudad
Carmen. People live in little shacks that are almost falling
over. Most of the children do not go to school but start
working at a very young age. As we were inviting children to
the first outreach, we were about to enter one of the
neighborhood entrances when we were told not to go in that
entrance as it was not safe. We entered another entrance and
were extending invitations to many children and their parents
when a lady told us we should leave now as it was not safe to
go further. We heeded the warning and invited in another area
of the neighborhood. Thankfully, we had handed out many
Gospel tracts in this needy area and some of the children and
their parents came to the outreach and fifteen of them put their
trust in Christ. Two of the children who came from this area
got on fire for the Lord! They asked for tracts to pass out the
next day and of course I gave them the tracts. The next day
they had handed out all of the several hundred tracts!!! These
children definitely have an evangelistic calling on their life!!
After our third outreach one of the children who came to the
first outreach and then helped at each outreach afterwards, told
the pastor that he thought they should pray for me. All the
children gathered around me, laid their hands on me and
prayed for me. I was in tears; it was so precious! Over sixty
people of all ages came to the Lord.
More children hearing about

From Ciudad, Carmen Pastor
Benigno and Guillermina took me
to Conduacan, Tabasco where I
ministered with Pastor Gamaliel
Torres at his Christian School and
also held a pastor’s conference on
“Intentional Discipleship” that
was attended by fifteen pastors
from Conduacan.
In Conduacan we shared with the seventy children who
attend the Christian School recently started by Pastor
Gamaliel. Pastor Gamaliel is the brother of Pastor Benjamin
Torres, a pastor in the border city of Reynosa that we minister
with. These children attend the Christian School but Pastor
Gamaliel told me that very few of them had made a confession
of faith. I was given twenty minutes to share with the children
and when I gave the children the opportunity to give their life
to Christ, virtually all the kids wanted to take the step of faith!
Over sixty children accepted Christ in Conduacan as well.
We were able to bless the
children in Monterey with
school supplies and they
were immediately put to
The pastor’s conference that
Pastor Gerardo Gardunia and I
held in Conduacan on “Intentional Discipleship” was
impacting to many pastors. Each pastor received many tracts
and several pastors are interested in starting our DVD Bible
The second week in June I was in Nuevo Laredo and
Monterrey holding children’s outreaches and facilitating
children’s ministry for David Abbott, a children’s evangelist
from England. We held three children’s outreaches in
Monterrey where fifty children came to the Lord and in Nuevo
Laredo we held nine outreaches in which two hundred people
came to the Lord.
Prayer Needs
– For God to bring many people to Him during the
children’s ministry and outreaches in Haiti
– For the pastor’s conference in Haiti to impact many
churches to start intentional discipleship in their
churches in Haiti
– For safe travels to and from Haiti
– For protection from sickness and violence while in
– For God to cool the temperature while we are
in Haiti to make it more bearable for us while
we minister
– For our DVD Bible Colleges in Mexico to
continue to expand and train students
– For God to help us to expand the DVD Bible
Colleges into Haiti and Central America and for
us to find a faithful director in Pakistan.
– For God to totally heal Sylvia’s eye and acid
reflux issues
– For abundant financial provision while we are in
Haiti to allow us to bless the people and
ministries there

Ministry Needs
– Someone to teach English at the Christian
School in Conduacan, Tabasco. They will provide
the room and board. If someone wants to try it
out, please contact me.
– Area Director for GCOM in the cities of
Monterrey and state of Oaxaca to oversee
ministry opportunities in these areas. These are
two different positions. These are non- paid
positions but the room and board will be
covered. The individual will have to raise any
additional support needed.
– Increased donations to GCOM as it seems like
between medical bills and all the other bills for
the ministry, finances have been tight.

May God bless you abundantly and always know that He
loves you with an everlasting love!!
Serving Christ,
Rev. Kevin Rosendahl, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl
Grace Christian Outreach Ministries


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