Jul 27

Denise Aludo, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Denise Aludo, TMCI Missionary to Kenya


We held an all-day leaders’ team meeting to review and prepare for the May-July study titled “WHAT GOD SAY’S ABOUT MONEY”. The will be led by Joanna, Rose & Susan using the homework/discussion style format. This style of study proved very effective in this last teaching and we all agreed the ladies were more engaged & participatory.

Joanna and Twyla Brickman met to discuss the upcoming teaching at St. Catherine’s. They visited the youth on April 16th and began a series of interviews with each child using the “My Safari” booklet. This booklet is an excellent tool to help the teachers and youth get to know one another as they share their personal stories from birth to present. It covers family background, life events, school and their faith journey. Twyla will meet with the kids monthly to do teaching sessions and Joanna will follow up every other week to review the session with them and provide encouragement.

• Denise & Joanna attended a farewell party for Denise given by Pastor Mark and Life Community Church. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and acknowledging the goodness of the Lord over the past 8 years!

* Denise departed for the church U.S. April 15th.
Praise: We thank God for how smoothly the transition is going as Denise does a handover of ministry programs. Truly the Holy Spirit Himself has been the oil making this smooth transition possible!
• We thank God for Joanna, Twyla, Rose and Susan as they take up new positions of leadership and serve God’s Kingdom!
Prayer Request
* Please pray for Joanna, Josephine, Rose, Susan, Collins, Tom, Wycklife, Bevaline and Twyla as they take on new responsibilities in various ministry programs & operations. Pray for God’s wisdom, strength & love to guide them and empower them to do what He has for them in the new year.

* Please pray for Denise as she re-enters her home culture and reconnects with family and friends.


May 21st the group began the new study on “WHAT GOD SAY’S ABOUT MONEY”. This will be a 10 week study concluding July 16th. Each lady was asked to come to the first class with scriptures referencing money from the Old & New Testament and to be prepared to share their definition of “stewardship”. Each week a different aspect of what God says about money is reviewed and discussed with a focus on personal application of what God says. The discussion for the first two weeks was lively and engaging!

Joanna and Twyla Brickman continued meeting with the youth and each child was given a Mwanzo study booklet that will be the basis for their on-going discipleship sessions. Joanna’s visits are proving instrumental in giving the kids opportunity to ask questions and have dialogue about what they’re learning in the study. The kids made a short video for Denise wishing her well and letting her know they were enjoying their new teachers!

• Joanna hosted Susan, and her son Tom, during their visit to Nairobi for Susan’s chemo treatment. New Hope has committed to provide what assistance we can in the way of finances and/or accommodations and food for her when she comes to Nairobi.
• Joanna took part in a special ‘Mother’s Day” presentation at LCC honoring the mothers in church.
• Joanna will take on role of Life Group Coach when the Ladies Life Group resume weekly meetings in July. She is currently meeting with other LG leaders to plan and prepare.
• Denise has been meeting with the US stateside board members to provide an in-person review of the past years ministry events, achievements & activities.
• The New Hope Board held their annual meeting on May 21st via Skype.

Praises We thank God for financial provision for Susan’s care up to this time!

Prayer request: Please pray for Susan as she deals with the chemo side affects and for her son as he tries to help take care of his mom and the home.


The group continues to meet weekly for study, prayer and worship. Week 5’s session on Sacrificial Giving deeply moved several of the ladies. The Holy Spirit brought conviction to several ladies and there was spontaneous confession and repentance. The ladies are gaining a deeper understanding of God’s intentions for our use of the resources He entrust us with and this is bringing a heart transformation to many!

Joanna and Twyla Brickman continue meeting with the youth as they complete the Mwanzo booklet. We received some bad news however from Pastor James about the city planning to expand the main road through the Kibera slum. With the St. Catherine School and Children’s Home both located near the road this means part of their structures will be demolished in July. This announcement by the city government will affect thousands of people in the slum and will require St. Catherine’s to find a new building for the school.

• Denise moved into her new house in TN and has set up the U.S. New Hope office and is working on organizing a fundraising event for late summer.

Praises: We received a donation to cover the cost of t-shirts for the youth that attend this year’s December Youth Discipleship Camp!

Prayer Requests:
* Please pray for the children and teachers at St. Catherine’s Home & School as they face having to relocate. May the Lord prepare a place for them and give them His peace during this time of transition.

*Please pray for the finances needed to meet our next quarters ministry budget. We have a short fall of about $1,000

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