Jul 21

Report from Emmanuel Bawa, Zimbabwe

Immanuel Chapel Report to TMCI as at 21 July 2015

Following the visit to Zimbabwe by the TMCI team led by Bishop Bob in May 2015, Immanuel Chapel continues to see amazing growth numerically, within the assemblies that the team visited. Reverend Joe Warner’s healing ministry during the visit has also triggered outstanding healing miracles which the church is experiencing. Also, after the ground breaking ceremony presided by Bishop Bob, momentum has gathered significantly and significant progress is being made. We continue to pray that the revival God has started through TMCI will flourish.

Numerical Growth
All the church assemblies that were visited by the team are reporting numerical growth. The outstanding case is that of the Muda assembly. Muda is a rural community in Chihota district which is about 70km from Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. This is where the TMCI team held their first meeting on Zimbabwe. The Muda assembly Pastor’s weekly reports have been indicating exciting growth. The assembly’s weekly attendance used to be between 20 and 25 people but as at this previous Sunday, the attendance is now at 82 people. In his recent report, the pastor was requesting more benches since the few they had are now insufficient and more than half of the congregation have nowhere to sit and have to stand throughout the church service each Sunday. As such we are urgently putting resources together to acquire more benches and with the current growth trend in Muda, we have already started logistics in place for a bigger venue for our Sunday services.

It is also worth noting that the District Councilor’s wife, who gave her life to Christ in the meeting with TMCI in Muda has since become a steady member of the church. Her husband, the Councilor, has started following his wife to church to the glory of God.

Following the ground breaking ceremony that Bishop Bob presided over, momentum has been building up steadily and we have been making significant progress towards building our multipurpose headquarters church facility at our waterfalls church stand. The plans have since been drawn out by the architects and excitement is rife among our membership. We are currently waiting for the City Council to approve the plans and for other council protocols before we can proceed. According to our intentions, we should start building end of September or early October.

Rev. Joe Warner’s healing ministry inspired the miraculous within the ministry. We are witnessing healing miracles within our assemblies to the glory of God. An astounding healing miracle worth noting is that of a young lady from one of our assemblies who became psychotic and had to be admitted in the psychiatric unit at one of the general hospitals. Her case was quite dire and heartbreaking because she had just been accepted into one of the local universities and was awaiting to start classes when the calamity struck. Our evangelism team then visited her at the psychiatric unit and prayed with her. The following morning we were advised that she had been discharged from hospital after the doctor examined her and confirmed that her sense had been restored.

Another testimony worth mentioning is that of our praise and worship leader whom the TMCI prayed for during their last meeting in Zimbabwe. After preaching and praying for the pastors, Bishop Bob, asked her to come forward and the TMCI team laid hands on her imparting the anointing for worship ministry. It is worth noting that Bishop Bob spoke prophetically over her while praying for her that God would raise her as a significant worship voice not only in Africa but the world. As a result, she was invited by one of the big gospel choirs in South Africa to participate in a Live DVD recording concert, the album of which will be distributed throughout Africa by ONE Gospel a satellite television channel that broadcasts throughout Africa. The recording was so successful that they invited her again to participate in Africa Music Festival in South Africa alongside the big names in African gospel music. As such, she has been offered a recording contract by For The Throne records in South Africa. Currently she is finalizing her debut album which came as a result of the first live DVD recording concert. We are grateful to God for the TMCI team and their sharp prophetic discernment.

Humbly submitted by Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

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