Jul 20

Great Report from Gabriele Gilpin, Milan, Italy


Today I am leaving Milan, Italy to return to Germany.
I was going to share the anointed, powerful and timely IHOP session we had in Milan last Thursday evening. As soon as my internet connection is resolved, I will do so.

Mihop – Casa di Preghiera Milano

This time in Milan was filled with new connections, God incidences and angelic intervention. One of the team member’s cell phone was stolen at the market here in Milan and prayers went up requesting the return of the phone. Almost immediately a man came to return the phone not requesting any confirmation that this was the rightful owner and shortly after the transaction the man disappeared….we belief it was an angel retrieving the phone from two gypsy ladies and returning it!!

It reminds me of the fact, that the Lord is sending His angels before us to make the crooked path straight. The angels are already busy helping us and preventing situations, like being saved from a collision between a tram and a car.


Out of this a divine appointment with a group of young Italian teenagers being prepared to be saved was established.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers. Germany will be amazing and I am expecting great and mighty things for His glory!

Let’s rejoice together
In His unfailing love,
Gabriele Gilpin
President/International Speaker
Soaring Eagle Ministries, Inc.



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