Jul 02

Great Report from Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI missionary to Uganda

Totals for the Month

# ministered to 300
# saved 2

Monthly Report Summary

Open doors and continued favor, Thank you JESUS! And I want to be able to minister in more prisons over here in Uganda and all of the nations that HE will be sending me to…Have started assisting in Muleba, Tanzania with building a church and home for children in that area… The Lord has shown His grace with healings over there, and also in Uganda.Ministering at the prison in Mbale, Uganda two men gave their lives to the Lord. Thank you – JESUS! And ministered in a village house church there were multiple healings.  I was blessed to be able to encourage them in seeking a deeper relationship with ABBA through the Son! Holy Spirit is so wonderful, He is faithful!

The children at the home in Masaka are awesome prayer warriors. There are 75 of them and they have all come off the streets. Some of them have been through so much already in such a short time – we are raising them in the love of the Lord and teaching them about the written Word and the Living Word! Our Lord is the Healer and Restorer!


Our Lord healed a paralyzed little boy in Muleba, Tanzania. It happened gradually over about two weeks… “Anoint and pray and they will recover”. Our faith increases as we participate in the furtherance of His kingdom on this earth.  We are just passing through, we are the salt and the light- HIS hands and feet… The signs and wonders do follow us… HE never ceases to amaze me, HE overwhelms me… Webale Yesu!!! (Thank you Jesus in lugonda)Blessings to everyone, praying for TMCI and all involved in the ministry! In Jesus name AMEN!!! 

Prayer Requests:

I am praying about an incubator and generator for the children’s home in Masaka. It will help the home become more self sustaining. And please start praying for open doors and divine appointments for when I go into very sensitive areas at the end of August or beginning of September! Our Lord is El Shaddi, Alpha & Omega, HE opens doors no man can close and closes doors no man can open!I believe… All prayer is deeply appreciated, our prayers of faith are so very powerful! In Jesus name AMEN!!!


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