Jun 22

Jen Cook and Joy Dodd, TMCI Missionaries in Honduras

Jen Cook and Joy Dodd, TMCI Missionaries in Honduras

Joy and I returned this Tuesday evening from the week’s trip. We wanted to be back into touch with you to THANK YOU for standing with us in prayer over the week specifically with the vision-mapping, prayer over travels and our individual/group meetings.

We were able to stay cool and have electricity for the most part in the mountains. We did end up leaving Sunday a.m. to stay in the city 30 minutes down the mountain, also our last day and a half in the area, before making our way back to San Pedro Sula. The electricity went out end of week for about 48 hours and then the water went out Sunday a.m. We deal with this stuff often BUT this week was a week where it was not going to be conducive to rest. So we went to higher ground and stayed at a place with water, electricity and with a church about 20 minutes away. Sunday afternoon through Tuesday a.m. was exactly what we needed before transitioning back to the valley of San Pedro

Attached are some photos from the week, LOTS of them…of what it looks like in the mountain where we stayed for the week, a few of the national people and even the dog named ‘Lady’ owned by the counselor/coach. We found a national park the afternoon the day before we left the mountain. It was great to hike and see a lake, horses, a swimming pool, picnic tables and families having cook outs.

Joy even found a few coffee shops to enjoy and of course we had to stop at a few “typical” places to window shop. We ended up finding a few plants native for that region that we haven’t seen in San Pedro that we bought and are now enjoying in the house.

In all, we had 3 classes. We also met outside of the group class to chat over what we each feel the future would be looking like and we began to outline a few things on paper and we are now praying more regularly over it.

If you are in PA, I am planning a furlough for the fall of the year and would like to share a little more then. If you live elsewhere in the states, I will be putting out a newsletter in August/September that will go into a little more detail…e-newsletter affords me more room than the paper letter. So please look for that. We are not making any changes at this time. We are still ministering to the children, to the elderly, to the middle-aged in through our Hope, CHEO and Bible Institute Projects. JTTN missionaries desire to continue walking in the Lord’s timing for the ministry and that also includes more of the vision for future service

With Love and Appreciation,
Jen and Joy
Joy To The Nations International, Inc.
Missionary to Honduras
Children’s Ministry & Medical Ministry
Community Health Evangelism & Outreach

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