Jun 11

Ryan Pauly, TMCI Missionary to Dominican Republic

Total Minstered to: 105

Monthly Report Summary

We had a great time in May. My students finished their afternoon English class and each student turned in a 10 page research paper defending the Christian worldview. They learned the basics of Christianity and how to defend the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, the problem of evil, and the trustworthiness of the Bible.I also continued my class on Christian apologetics at the Bible institute. The students are really enjoying it.

During May we had a few different mission teams visit. One team of college students came from California and another college group came from Florida. They each did university ministry and ministered in a park.


My students finished the year well and wrote a 10 page paper in English!Class is going well at the Bible Institute.


Pray Request:

It looks like I am going to start working on my master’s degree in August, but I am still looking for the best way to do that.

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