Jun 05

The Tillerys in Ireland: The Freedom Centre update

Since our arrival we have seen many believers awakened and empowered for the purposes of the work of the Kingdom of God. Leaders have emerged already this year who are now working side by side with us to accomplish the Lord’s plan here. Together, we have had the great privelege of training believers from various churches around Northern Ireland in winning souls and seen hundreds come to faith in Jesus Christ this year already. All Glory to God!

God called us here with a clear purpose: One part being to awaken, train and empower believers to fulfill the plan and purposes of God while walking and operating out of His great love! Mark 16:15-20 in it’s entirety is for each believer and we are seeing the Lord bring it to pass in miraculous ways. Many who spent years of their lives in religious backgrounds have now been born again for the first time, baptized and are now on fire and serving the Lord, winning souls, praying for the sick, seeing healings, etc. All part of the plan….see verses above.

The Lord of course is always faithful to confirm His word and the signs follow like in Mark 16:20 Ireland truly is being shaken by the Glory of God!

(See Attachment for MORE and pictures)   Ireland-KevinTillery

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