Jun 05

Nepal Missionary Needs PTSD Counselors Onsite and/or Materials


Good Morning, Bishop Bob!

I can do pastoral counseling, but I really need someone who can teach on helping people with PTSD. It is a serious problem as the entire nation is suffering in fear following the two major earthquakes.

The good news is that while we still will experience some tremors over the next couple of months, scientists say that there won’t be another major quake here. Sadly, Hindu astrologers are claiming another super quake 10.0 and above and have all of these Hindus terrorized. If these guys were so smart, how come they couldn’t predict the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12?

Anyway, the cost per person would be $500 plus airfare. I have got a really good deal on the hotel and food. He’s Hindu but a good friend of mine as I have been sharing the Gospel with him.

I’ve attached a tentative calendar of the trip.

Even if they can’t come but can send materials. If they are thinking about doing seminars electronically, forget it. This is a third world country and especially since the earthquake, our internet is extremely slow or non-existent. Also, if we use a wireless service, we can easily spend $100 for megabytes, so it is not practical as of yet.

Thanks for the help and the prayers. The nation is slowly recovering. By the way, Renaissance was able to buy about 250 tents which we have distributed. I also shared tracts by Naomi Hitz with people in the villages.



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