Jun 04

Darren O’Quinn TMCI Missionary to Uganda and Tanzania

Darren O’Quinn TMCI Missionary to Uganda and Tanzania
# ministered to 200

Monthly Report Summary

May was a very busy month, I spent a lot of time getting ready to go back to Africa. I got to minister at a few churches casting the vision. Getting everything together for TMCI. And getting the Web Site up and running, bank accounts, a lot of busy stuff but necessary. All was successful, Praise GOD!

I have traveled back to Africa. I spent a week at the Home for children in Masaka, Uganda so many children 70+, they are being raised in the love of Jesus. And being taught relationship with the Father and the power of prayer, in Jesus name.

The chicken project it turning into a success,thank you Jesus!!!

Now I am in Tanzania,the Lord granted me favor with some villagers and some government officials and they gave me some land over a year ago. There are so many chilldren that need to be raised with a knowledge of Jesus. There is a lot better for Muslims influence in the area.

We started clearing a small part of the ground for the church building. Then we will, be building other building itis awesome. Walking by faith! Please pray for everything needed to continue to come in. This area is the bush, they see very few white people. I have chosen to stay. I will be traveling back and forth to the states occasionally. There are so manysouls to love here!

Building the church building in Tanzania. Our LORD is so faithful, HE is so magnificent, HE is so wonderful!!! Let us all praise HIM!!!

Prayer Request:

Continued favor, and for the Lord to go before me and make a way for me in all areas I travel! And for His abundance! I believe!!! In Jesus name Amen and Amen!!!

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