May 07

Joy Dodd and Jen Cook TMCI missionaries to Honduras

The month of April, JTTN missionaries Joy Dodd and Jen Cook traveled to two different US states for furlough. Jen was in North FL for almost the whole month. While there, ministry contacts were made, prayer supporters increased, financial gifts received and spiritual ministry/prayer soaking was sought out. It was a good month. We are encouraged and looking forward to hosting two short-term trip teams this month who will minister with us to the people where we have established discipleship sites…mountain orphanage, elderly in center of city, villagers in remoter areas and divine appts along the way!

We are thankful and grateful that we get to do this kind of work, have been called by God to effect positive change and see fruit that remains, especially as we minister in Honduras, Central America. Getting to use what we have been made for…His glory and to have utilized the gifts that He has placed inside of us. We have been to different countries in our ministry travels and training. And Honduras is the country where we have both been serving the longest to date. That God would continue to have His way in and through us and in the leadership of this country. The fields are white unto Harvest here! People are open to the Gospel, to hearing about God, about Jesus, and about the Holy Spirit. They want a strong touch from Heaven. They want Hope. They want Victory over injustice. They have experienced some revival in the nation in the 2013 year. Hundreds upon hundreds of missionaries serve and live here doing many different varieties of work and helping many people in many facets of life. There is a recent and newly formed Children’s Alliance and a recent and newly formed governmental organization that supports this alliance and is for the children here. And so, there is more hope for the children now than there has ever been. God is downloading vision to the ministers and missionaries for the near future. We are grateful for a large and strong connection all over Honduras through the Fellowship that also grants our temporary residency, allowing us the freedom to stay in-country for longer intervals before ever really needing to renew the visa to the passport (5 years of “grace”).

Prayer Request
Great Grace as Joy and I open our home this month to two short-term trip teams. May 9-16 first team…team of 2. May 19-28 second team…team of 6. We live in a single dwelling, 2 bath, 3 bedroom. Grace for ministry schedule flow, then home living each evening as people regroup, rest, strategize for next day, have questions, need to eat, sleep well, etc. That they experience all that God would have for them to experience. 3 people on the second team are planning to come to Honduras to live and work full-time under their own covering in a year or two. This trip is an important one for them with transition into more reality of what “normal” and challenging field living is like. Joy and I have scheduled time for them to experience the difficulties of language and also eye opening pre-field training. That strife will be bound, that grace is released, that mis-perception/mis-understanding will be null and void. That sleep will be deep and un-interrupted. That Joy andI would have favor in each person’s eyes as they minister with us and live in our home. AND that they will have the favor in our eyes as they work with us and are as teams are…learning, growth curve, strong personalities, people wanting to do certain things but just so much time for what Joy and I feel we need to schedule and do with them, etc. For God to receive honor for this month of teams as JTTN experiences stretching and flexing on top of what we already experience here as we have hot summers now, random power outrages, lots of road construction and at certain times have congested traffic. God is well able to cause us to live above the distractions as we serve and serve with His people. Amen!

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