Apr 21

Missionary Report from Mexico: Rick Maricruz & Danny Szymanski

Dear Friends,

Our Holy Week Events were just amazing to us. On Good Friday We spent the whole day teaching 50 Mayans how to heal the sick. I love to teach on healing the sick. After the teaching we prayed for the ones who were sick. One young man had a steel rod in his leg. He has been unable to walk on that leg for several years. After he received prayer he was not only walking but dancing in worship. Praise the Lord. Several of the others who were sick also received healing. This was great because these Mayans were going to pray for the sick in our healing crusade the next day.

We spent Saturday preparing for the healing crusade. The stage and sound system were set up. The road was lined with chairs.This was the first time Christians were allowed to have an event in the center of town. Maricruz and I went to every intersection of town and anointed the City.

At 4:00 P.M. The Christians gathered and we started our 3 K march down the main street to the center of Valladolid. The churches had made banners and dressed up in traditional Mayan clothes. The March of Glory was filled with worship, dancing and lots of prayer for the City. It was great to see so many churches participate in the March of Glory. The whole event was on T.V.

The March ended in the town square. Dozens of tourist from around the World came and participated in worshiping God with us. The worship was so full of love it attracted non Christians and they sang and danced along side of us. One homosexual was so touched by God’s Love that he repented of his sin and received Jesus as his Savior.

Maricruz preached on God’s goodness and His mercy. We had a man translating into Mayan so the older people could hear. When people heard the message in Mayan they ran out and told the older people and the chairs began to fill with the older generation. They were so blessed to be remembered and cared about.

I was surprised when Maricruz didn’t have an alter call for salvation. She instead called all who were sick to come to the front to receive healing. Hundreds of sick people came forward. It was so much fun praying for the sick and seeing God’s Great Love heal people in Jesus name. Several hundred Mayans received healing that night. There was allot of witchcraft broken off of people. I so enjoyed watching the people I trained the day before praying for the sick. I can tell their lives were changed as they saw the Love of the Father touch people.

I loved to see that when people were healed of their sickness they wanted to receive Jesus as Lord. The miracles were proof that Jesus is alive and is able to save them from their sins. There are just too many healings to share. I would have to type all day to share them all. I will share one with you. We prayed for a 6 year old girl. When we prayed for her God’s Glory came upon her and she fell to the ground. While she lay on the ground her spirit went to Heaven. While in Heaven she meet the Lord Jesus. Jesus showed her The Kingdom. It changed her life. When she came back and got up off the ground she looked for her Aunt. Her Aunt is deaf in one ear and has terrible ear pain. The little girl prayed for her Aunt and the ear pain left and the deafness also left. Praise the Lord.

On Resurrection Sunday we had our Youth concert in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a very small village deep in the jungle. We were surprised to see 100 teens travel to the event. We had several Christian bands come and perform. We prayed for them at the end of the meeting. Holy Spirit came and touched the hearts of them all. About 20 of the teens received healing that night.

We want to say thank you to all of you who supported us with prayers and the money to have these events for the Lord. So many lives were touched not to mention Ours.

God Bless You

Rick Maricruz & Danny Szymanski

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