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BOLIVIA REPORT From Missionaries John and Star Powell

Date: Fri, April 17, 2015 9:04 pm

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We send you warm greetings from Sucre, Bolivia! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Our weather here has been unusually rainy the past two to three months. We are now in the fall season and heading toward winter–the opposite of the U.S. Usually the temperature is not too cold during the day, but it can be at night.

In our last newsletter we said that I was to travel to the city of Tarija, Bolivia in the middle of February to perform a wedding. It was a rather small event at a home provided for the occasion. It went well and I was glad I could be in this same city I had visited previously for a short time. It is known for its cleanliness, and I had to admit it was noticeably clean; there was very little litter. While in Tarija I had the opportunity to lead a taxi driver to the Lord, which I love to do when it is possible.

I returned to Sucre on a Tuesday, February 17. The next day I picked up our Wednesday morning teaching time with several pastors who come over to our home. We have continued these meetings on Wednesdays. The Lord seemed to lead me to teach in depth on the ark of the covenant and its symbolism for us. We always try to have flexibility to share and teach on other subjects, as the need and the interest arises.

Our Thursday morning prayer and teaching meetings have continued. Starr sometimes has been leading a Thursday night prayer meeting in the church I mentioned in our previous Bolivia Report (which is around the corner from where we live).

On Sunday, February 22 several friends came over and surprised Starr with a cake for her birthday (celebrating it one day early).

My Monday night meetings with a certain set of pastors have continued since mid-February, although not as consistently as the Wednesday and Thursday morning meetings–due to a variety of circumstances. However, we have had several of these sessions that have been a blessing.

Starr has continued attending Tuesday afternoon prayer and intercession meetings with wives of pastors here in Sucre. These have continued to be a great blessing for her.

Whenever I am able, I continue to attend a Saturday morning prayer meeting sponsored by the association of evangelical pastors in Sucre. This has provided me the opportunity to get to see and meet pastors from all over the city. This is a real blessing for all of us who participate.

From Thursday night, March12 until Saturday night, March14 one of the local churches held its third conference for prayer intercessors. I had been asked to speak on the topic, “The Intercessor as an Eagle.” There seemed to be good interest in this subject.

Except when the founding pastor of the local church was in town to help organize for the event we were planning over the Easter weekend, I have continued to preach in this church on Sundays, through the rest of February, March, and now April. On one occasion, when someone offered for us to see a video showing Benny Hinn standing at a life-size replica of Moses’ Tabernacle and explaining its features, I decided  to show it in one of the Sunday morning services. We watched it with great interest, and I made further comments.

The Easter weekend event finally arrived. As part of it, we had an outdoor meeting very early on Saturday morning, April 4 with the hope of seeing the lunar eclipse. However, a cloud cover prevented us from seeing it. A Christian concert was also put on. A featured speaker was present from Honduras. His name was Dr. Jaime Betancourt, a man who has become known in many countries around the world for the amazing healings he experienced many years ago. Raised in Honduras as the son of the top military officer in the country, he seemed to have everything going for him until a friend introduced him to marijuana. He soon became “hooked” on drugs–one leading to another that was stronger. He became blind, deaf and dumb and developed a tumor in his brain. People thought he was hopeless until a Christian pastor visited the place where he was in a cell all by himself in something like an insane asylum. The Lord spoke to this pastor to pray for this man. He was allowed to go into the cell. Pleading the power of the blood of Jesus over him, the minister moved in such power and authority that in about ten minutes time Jaime Betancourt was totally healed and the tumor was gone!

Dr. Betancourt still practices medicine about three days a week on poor people in Honduras without charging them anything. The other days of the week he frequently travels to different places in the world to share his amazing testimony. I would encourage anyone interested to do a “Google search” on the name Dr. Jaime Betancourt (just try to have it translated from Spanish to English and don’t confuse him with another Jaime Betancourt who is a pulmonary specialist practicing medicine in Los Angeles).

On Easter Sunday morning I participated in a march for Christ that was sponsored by the ministerial association of Sucre.

From Friday afternoon, April 3 until Monday morning, April 13, Starr and I had a Christian minister, Brother Henry Alston, staying with us. He lives in North Carolina, north of Raleigh, and has now traveled to Bolivia four times to preach and teach the Word of God. Most of the days he was with us I accompanied him to different churches to share the Word and pray for people. I was his translator on each of the occasions. Starr, Brother Henry, and I had blessed meetings with God’s people in different places. The Lord moved in wonderful ways, and we saw lots of people touched by the power of God.

On Tuesday afternoon, April 14 I shared my teaching on “The Intercessor as an Eagle” for a second time at the women’s prayer meeting, since many of the sisters were not able to hear it in the conference for intercessors the previous month.

Starr and I will be flying back to the U.S. on Tuesday, May 5. We plan to stay in Jacksonville, Florida at some friends for about two weeks. I have been invited to preach at a friend’s church in Alabama or Arkansas, which I am looking forward to being able to do. We will drive up and attend the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries’ annual retreat, starting on Sunday evening, May 31 and going until Wednesday evening, June 3. We would like to stay in the Charlotte and western North Carolina area for another week or two after the retreat to be able to see some of you. We then plan to continue to drive north toward New England, where we want to visit John’s Dad, his youngest brother, and Starr’s brother and sister-in-law.

We will not be able to spend the time we normally do in Maine this year, since the cottage we go to will be being repaired. However, we want to take some of the time we usually are in Maine to attend a Christian conference and do a little bit of traveling in our car.

Starr and I want to thank each of you for your prayers. For those of you who contribute financially to our ministry, as well, we are very grateful. Thank you very, very much!!
PRAYER REQUEST: We would greatly appreciate your prayers that the Lord would truly order our steps on this trip to the U.S. Thank you!
We love each and every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to be upon you and your families.
In His love,

John & Starr

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