May 17

USA Bible Ministries May Report, Stas Karpenko, Russia

Hello again from Ufa! We hope you

are starting to see signs of spring

where you are because here in Ufa it

is still chilly. Typically, spring should

be coming but practically it is still

cold. Whether it is cold of hot every

day is distinct in God’s design and we

accept it as a gift from God.

God is working

Two weeks ago, we attended an

annual conference in Kirov where

Stas was one of the speakers. Up

until the last day we didn’t know if

we will be able to fly because the air

company that flies there, uses a

small 12-15 seats turboprop. If less

than 7 people have to fly they cancel

the flight and give the money back.

They just don’t break even to burn

the fuel. When we arrived at the

airport in the morning there were 5

more people besides us, totaling 7!

We flew. And we are thankful to see

God working in our lives.

ESL school

We have started to conduct end of

year sessions for our ESL students.

They are free to not attend these

meetings but attend fully. Lots of

cups of tea along with games. Pray

for spiritual hunger in the hearts of

all of our students. Pray that some

would come to our church picnic.


In January Timothy started to attend

two facultative classes here in Ufa

apart from his two homeschooling

programs and it seems to be going

well. He is enjoying doing crafts and

swimming. Today he passed one

writing exam in Russian program and

next Tuesday he will come back to

the local school to write another test

on math. Please pray for a good

finish of the two homeschool

programs and two facultative


Prayer requests

Our planned May 9th picnic was

postponed till May 19thdue to cold

weather. Please remain in prayer for

good weather and good attendance.

This is rather neutral ground in our

context for non-Christians to come

and join us for some fellowship and

grilled meats.

Finally, plane tickets are purchased

for our upcoming trip – landing in the

US on June 6th

. We are looking to

raise new support and inform our

supporters about the work that has

been accomplished. If you are

interested in having us in or

partnering with our ministry, please

contact us.

Once again, I must include our

appreciation for your faithful support

and prayers.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa

Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a

501c3 non-profit entity. Make checks payable to:

Ufa Bible Ministries

PO BOX 1761, Columbia, SC 29202

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