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Report from Beautiful Harvest Ministry on the Navaho Rez, Justin and Ashli Galloway

May 11, 2018

Psalm 126


In the words of Pastor Mike at Dine Christian Church, “Wooo!”  Pastor Mike throws that out in sermons when the spirit is moving.  As a result Hanner has picked it up and uses it after big things happen in his world too.  If we had to pick a word to describe the month of April… “Wooo!”


As we  have shared before, our ministry here on the Rez is less structured events and more doing life.  That is apparent from Ashli’s most recent blog, “Unlikely Neighbors.” If you haven’t read it, I suggest you take some time and hear the story of another life we’ve come across here on the Rez.  


This month was a busy one and one that had Kingdom impact.  We had 19 different ministry activities this month. We worked with 3 of the 13 partner churches throughout the month.  One of the churches we interacted with was a first time visit for us. We spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon worshipping at Jesus is the Way Community Church.  They are located in Round Rock, AZ, a town I’m sure you’ve never heard of. This time last year they were worshipping every Sunday afternoon in a red and yellow tent you would find set up on an auto dealership lot when they have a “tent sale.”  The power was provided by a generator and the restrooms were pit toilets standing by themselves out in the open. This time we worshipped in a mostly complete metal building. When I say mostly complete I mean the outside is finished with the exception of a temporary wall behind the pulpit.  The interior has sheetrock up but it has not been mudded. There is insulation hung in the ceiling but not covered yet. They have electricity with temporary lighting, a window unit air conditioner, a wood burning stove and dirt floor with outdoor carpeting rolled out over it. The congregation is praying and confident that our Father in Heaven will provide the funding to complete the building, including the extension to build the Sunday School room on the other side of the temporary wall.  The Children’s Ministry meets in the living room in the house next to the church. Our girls were excited to have a Children’s Ministry and shared with me the details of their lesson about Courageous Daniel and the Lion’s Den. It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit shows up in any building or setting no matter how incomplete man may see it.


Ashli has seen rhythm come to the Inspired Learners Homeschool Co-op.  The group continues to grow as more families approach Ashli looking to provide a Christian education to their children.  Sometimes our evenings look like mom’s sitting in the floor of our living room after the kids are in bed looking at curriculum and discussing schedules for their future in homeschooling.  This is quickly becoming a large part of the BHP ministry. We continue to see God’s vision for BHP to be a grassroots effort in raising families who know, love and follow Jesus Christ.


We ask that you join us in prayer and support as we raise funds for our purchase of a 3 row, 4×4 SUV.  In addition, we are looking forward to the VBS teams arriving in June to serve approximately 100 children and youth at two churches.  We are also coordinating two more trips with teams who are seeking to join us in our mission here on the Navajo Nation. We ask for safety, clarity in planning and a magnificent work of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for joining us for this journey.


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Justin and Ashli Galloway

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