Apr 11

Important Note from Mission to the Children

Mission to the Children

“Changing our World one life at a Time”

Well life is a little crazy as we prepare to return to Mexico.  We will be only be taking clothes, and have begun the tedious task of selling everything.  Thankfully, in the midst of our downsizing we see the mighty hand of God providing for us in miraculous ways.

The other day we sold our pontoon boat to pay off Imelda’s Car loan.  This was a little hard for me as we had so many wonderful memories on our boat.   So I went to the bank to pay off the loan when I realized we were $478 dollars short. Only having  $501 in my account and two weeks till my next paycheck being led by God I paid it off;  20 minutes later I went to my PO box and Praise God there was a check for $500 from someone I did not know. God is awesome.

When God called us to Mexico he placed on my heart he had many things to show me. Also, as part of my call to Mexico, I am supposed to go on a 1,200 mile journey of faith from West Virginia to Waxahachie, Texas with only $120, and I will dependent on God to provide my food and Lodging. I know this may be hard to believe, but I know this to be God’s will and have prayed for months and ask God for confirmations, which he has provide.

For example, I bought a new bike for my long trip, and then one day someone came up to me out of the blue and said, “God told me to pay for bike”.  What an incredible miracle that was also a powerful confirmation of God’s call on my life.  While on the trip, I am supposed to write a book based on my experiences and I am to call it, “1200 miles with God, A journey of Faith”.

This has to be from God because I don’t even like to text or much less write. It is amazing how God is providing for us through miracles. It is incredible how blessed and simple our lives become when we take a small step of faith. As crazy as this call on my life may be, I know my God to be faithful and powerful enough to take care of me and my family.

“Sometimes we have to just get out God’s way and let him be God. Amen!”

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