Apr 11

News from Renaissance Outreach Ministries, Jan Beaderstadt

Teaching in Uganda

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, president of Renaissance Outreach Ministries is now working for the next two months in Kasese, Uganda. Situated near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he is dividing his time as chaplain of the South Rwenzori School of Nursing and Midwifery as well as instructor at the South Rwenzori Bible School in Kigordo.

Pastor Jan had been asked to return to Uganda after his trip in January, 2018. He was requested to be the chaplain of the nursing school in Kasese, which is one of the larger town in the very western part of Uganda.

The chaplaincy position is a new one for the school. While it is partially  backed by the South Rwenzori Diocese of the Church of Uganda (Anglican), it has numerous partners in this relatively new nursing school. Chapel is held Sundays, Monday morning as well as Wednesday morning and evening.

The chapel had been student run with a committee of 16 people.  The students have done a remarkable job in operating the chapel, even though they have had little support from the administration.

Pastor Jan is working to meet the students and teachers while helping to organize a chaplaincy.

Kigondo School

The South Rwenzori Diocese has also established a medical training school as well as a a Bible school to train to train Anglican priests and evangelists for the South Rwenzori Diocese. After arriving, Pastor Jan was made an offer to work part time as instructor, teaching students on Christian leadership, time management and other ministry skills.

The institute was originally established by one man from the UK in 1979 and has expanded over the years from its original program of training nurses.

Bishop Pierce treated for cancer in Kathmandu

Bishop George Pierce, the founding bishop of the Church of the Himalayas in Nepal has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment at Grande Hospital in the city.

Bishop Pierce has been the inspiration of the denomination in the country which continues to expand. Sixteen new Anglican pastors have been ordained in March with additional ones to be ordained in June.

Bishop Pierce, while tired from treatment, remains optimistic about his recovery. The 86 year old bishop plans to announce the opening of the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas in June, which will be the first seminary in Nepal that will be able to award doctorate degrees. It will be a fully accredited Seminary.


The Church of the Himalayas continues to expand. It recently received a request to ordain 100 pastors in the region of Lahore, Pakistan as part of the Church of the Himalayas. These men are operating house churches in a very violent area of Pakistan which is noted for its fundamentalism. One of the bishops of the Church of the Himalayas will fly to Lahore to do the ordination.

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