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Newsletter from the Gallways on the Navajo Reservation

April  9, 2018

Psalm 126


March was the first time that I, Justin have returned to Georgia since moving to the Rez in July.  Ashli and I both discussed how odd it felt to return to a place that once held our hearts to discover our hearts lie here with the Navajo.  We were excited to see each of you and spend time with friends. We were happy to have a couple of beach days and the ability to spend time together as a family.  Make no mistake the trip was packed with donor meetings, board meetings, dinners, breakfasts and quick coffees that were all beneficial to the ministry. The trip was successful from that standpoint as well.


Despite spending time in Georgia we were still busy with BHP activities here on the Rez.  Before leaving for Georgia we were busy coordinating and planning the Women’s Retreat Weekend, Children’s Ministry Curriculum Writing Weekend and other future activities planned for in our growth.  One of our favorite Navajo families has faced struggles that have even involved court. We had the honor of praying over this family at Dine Christian Church at White Rock Point. We were able to celebrate the birthday of one of the children as well.  We were later able to celebrate a court victory that is in the best interest of the children. The father is a non-believer but we hope that he sees the love of Christ through our love and the love of the Dine Christian Church family.


As we mentioned previously, the leaders of these churches are tired.  There is no respite or break. Ashli gave the Sunday School teacher (if you have to condense her massive role into such a small title) the day off.  It is a simple act with huge meaning. I challenge you to look around and see who you could give respite to.


This month also held the quarterly pastor training lead by Tab Smith Ministries.  We were able to make more face to face connections with churches, hear success stories from self sustained VBS efforts as well as prayer requests and ministry needs.  We hope to continue our efforts to make visits to these churches this month. Keep in mind that “visiting a church” may require leaving the day prior or driving 3 hours before a 2-3 hour service and a 3 hour return drive home.  We intend to support 13 churches with 40+ leaders across a territory the size of West Virginia. It is a grand vision but one that was given to us by God.


Justin and Ashli Galloway

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