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Report from Gloria Drahn

 Gloria Drahn
Date: Friday, March 23, 2018 at 1:52 AM
Subject: His Hand Extended 2


Greetings from Pai Thailand.    I saw a sweat shirt at Christmas  (see attachment) and because all the children here are into superstars, I thought it was appropriate and speaks loudly of who Jesus is.

A significant scripture for me this month has been. Is 65:8 “The new wine comes in clusters” I am excited because we are sitting on the precipice of new wine from heaven, an outpouring  of the Holy Spirit the world has never seen. For me, I was promised this about 50 years ago and have been watching and waiting for it since the Charismatic/Jesus movement in the late ’60 and early 70.  There have been little bumps of revival. Vineyard, Toronto Blessing (from which JW detached the Vineyard because it was so bizarre) and others…but the Holy Spirit is in for His Grand Finale and as always, He will offend the mind to test the spirit. At that time there will be, as with Azusa Street,  the Healing movement and the Charismatic renewal,   splits in families, in churches etc. over doctrines and religious beliefs with lots of judgments and criticism. So let’s all stay close to and listening to Him and let’s stay in clusters. A grape by itself will get stomped on and crushed. So for me the message is become clusters of likeminded, praying groups and hang on for the ride of your life.

PTL: Am praising our Father daily for this perfect missionary house where I can live among the people but live more like a Westerner. It is large, clan and basically bug free. The house is situated above the other 3 units where morning sunlight from the East fills my patio. The Buddhist temple is located to the side and back of the house. It’s usually only noisy when a believer dies and or is cremated. Then there are lots of very loud prayers and celebrations for 3-5 days .                                                                                                                                                                     The house is located 2-3 miles up the mountain from the main town. It has been cool to cold here. Until the last 3 weeks, I have worn a light jacket to bed and one when I get up in the morning. I have a lovely caring and concerned landlady who tries to increase my Thai vocabulary. .

After purchasing a hot pot, a toaster, and a blender in January, I was ready to begin “playing house”. I now have more than 2 meal choices, and I can finally blend up the greens my teeth can’t chew. Because of a gift last month, I was able to purchase a CD player and at last music fills my house.

Problems with the computer and getting pictures on to the computer, etc. has slowed the process of HHE2.Sorry.

Valentine’s Day I spent with Anne in Chiang Mai. The trip was to get some empty suitcases to her for her May trip to Korea and to return with her old printer. (I am too far from town to come and go for copying school materials}. That project was unsuccessful partly because the van driver refused to carry the box flat and because the older machine did not do well. I returned to CM last week and purchased a printer as well as getting necessary supplies.

The rate of exchange this year has dropped from 34Bt to the dollar to 30. It is amazing how that can change the simple cost of living, which is incredible in itself, but rising. An example: the 4500BT /mo. rent was $132/mo. is now $150 and the $10,000BT I take out to live on was with charges once $310 is now $340.

This is the long school vacation. Since school will not resume until May 10 my classes will begin then.

PTL I Had one of those fun” divine connections” as I sat beside 6 young men. 5 finished their meals and left. The last one sat making vibrating music sounds on a thing that looked like a decorated toothpick…I asked if they were French. He said “N o. Israelis”. Wow! I was alive.  “ Just yesterday my son and daughter left for 10 days in Israel.  During our brief talk I learned that these 6 boys had just finished their service commitment and were now traveling the world. We talked a little about my love for Israel and I concluded the conversation with “I am a Christian. Jesus is a Jew.” Don’t know what he thought but He smiled and left.

Another close friend has returned to Heaven. Cathy Flores, a daughter in Jesus”. This year I have seen 2 sons go on ahead of me and 4 friends.( 3 very close.) All much younger than I. I again appreciate the teachings of Kat Kerr which have given me a perspective of Heaven and the life ahead for believers. But there are and will be “sad days” One of mine this month has been to realize that I would not be here in Thailand if it had not been that my eldest son who was in the Peace Corps and invited me to visit in 1985. One of our last conversations was, “MOM you can’t go to Thailand. You are too old. You can’t live like Anna!” I reminded him that the last years Anna live in Pai in a house. ..not the huts from before.  “Knowing God was asking me to go, I asked Him for 1) a sit down toilet and 2) a hot shower…anything else was OK.  He provided those, but as I dance around in this perfect missionary house, I have the sense that Dan in the cloud of witnesses (Heb 12:1) added to that request.

PRAYERS: Children are on vacation  now till May 10. They will stay with whatever piece of family exists. Pray that they will not be influenced or hurt by ungodly households or people around their environment.

3 children do not have citizenship. For whatever reason (usually parents are not legal) they were not registered at birth so they are unable even to travel to CM by van. These are bright children who will not be able to work or attend further education. PRAY ! PRAY! PRAY! This must be changed for all.

Chai seems to be ill frequently and went back to family early because he was sick again.Tunupoom has had stomach problems and x-rays will be taken. Two are having bed wetting problems.

Malee, the pastor’s wife will be spending a week with her family in the mountains. Besides her 2 she will be taking another child.  Safe travel, etc.

Thai Language: That I continue to grasp it.

After 1 year with not one prayer partner here I am considering a new plan.(.Although I think I will finally meet some of the English speaking Prayer warriors here soon) .I know that some of you do remember me regularly, but I am not doing that specifically for you. So I am wondering if anyone would like to form a HHE TUESDAY Prayer group through email or messenger where we share our weekly prayer concerns and pray for one another..  Sharing scriptures or insights with one another on a weekly basis..(Most of your Tues will be my Wednesdays. But that is OK) Let me know what you think of this or how it would best be organized.

See attatchment:

As I promised: I will show you names and ages of the 15 +2 children at Nahm Hoo Orphanage. If there are any family/relatives involved, they are asked to contribute $15/mo for food. At least 5 have not or have not been able to do that. Plus there are school uniforms etc. I am sponsoring one child and covering 3 others at this time. There are 5 with no help. They are darling, developing children. If you feel led to contribute on a monthly basis, we will do it through me… all photos, and letters can come through me. I  want to protect them from any evil that is so prevalent on the internet etc. So if this is something you want to do, pick a child, and send donations to:

Sunny Drahn     1660 Wynoochee Way   Petaluma CA 94954

My address is : 12M.5 BaanNahmHoo;    T. Weangtai A. Pai:    J. Mae Hong Son:  Thailand          58130

Love to all  and blessings of Grace, Peace and Mercy.


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