Mar 28

Mission to the Children, Mexico, March Report

We have some very exciting news to share with our supporters; God has called the Guilds back to the Mission field.  It really came out of nowhere, and we were not even thinking about leaving our Church in West Virginia, since it is continuing to grow.

In addition, we are preparing to send Sammy to Christ For the Nations in the fall and now is really not a good time to walk away from a salary.

All that said God’s timing and plans are not always easy, but they are always better. It all started like this, one day several months ago, I was seating outside and I began to daydream, and I heard, “sell everything you have, and go to Mexico, because I have much to teach you. Being the Spiritual man I am, my first though was boy that sure is crazy, then all of a sudden I came under a deep since of conviction and with great certainty I knew that it was something I must  do, or I would regret it for the rest of my Life. I then began to pray and God put these thoughts in my head, “your boys need to see a big step of faith; I have much to show you”.

Next, I went home told my family and ask them to pray about it, because I knew if God called me he would also call my family; a few days later Imelda, Sam, and Josh all agreed that it would be a very hard and difficult move, but at the same time they agreed that they felt that it is God’s will for our family.  Once we are in Colima Mexico, We will be starting and English speaking Church and opening a food kitchen for needy children.

We find ourselves excited, scared, tired, anxious, and grateful for God’s new call on our lives and more information will come later.  We will be leaving In June to started our great new adventure. Please pray for us as we prepare to leave. Our faith is strong, and we know as God calls he always provides, and God has already begun to open many doors for us.  Praise God.

Please make checks to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford, TX 76095

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