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Great Report from Justin and Ashli Galloway, Beautiful Harvest Project (Navajo Nation)

January 8, 2018

Psalm 126


What happened to 2017?  It seems like only yesterday we were on St. Simons Island planning this vision of a ministry.  

December was a tremendous undertaking but was a blessing to us as we were able to visit with friends.  The weekend of December 8th was spent with the visiting teams from the East Coast.  Tab Smith Ministries and Pure Water Ministries came and enormous efforts were put into distributing 1500+ Christmas Shoe Boxes, 250 food bags for the elderly and hats, gloves, scarves, shoes with the boxes.  This was in combination with the pastor training for all 13 partner churches.  Following this weekend two of the family members from Dine Christian Church at White Rock Point came over for dinner.  We enjoyed the conversation but know that they were asking tough questions that needed to be answered truthfully about our decision to move to the Rez as well as the adjustment following.  We have built relationship with a single father of three girls.  The elementary age girls attend church weekly and the father sees to it that they make it there each week but his belief system is Traditional Navajo.  Justin felt the Spirit prompt him to invite him to attend church and he did.  It is not our goal to evangelize to the lost but to support the Navajo in this.  However, it was a step of trust and faith on this father’s part to come and it was a confirmation in the relationships we are building here on the Rez.  

A partner church in Metter, GA, sent 50 sweatshirts with funds to purchase items to complete Christmas gift bags for the children/youth who attend VBS in the summer as well as others in the community.  These were distributed at a Christmas worship event along with the shoe boxes provided by TSM and PWM.  

Ashli and the girls were able to tag along with a leader from Dine Christian Church to deliver shoeboxes in the communities surrounding White Rock.  Actually, Ashli took the minivan off roading.  They delivered 45 shoe boxes the Sunday before Christmas.  Ashli and the girls learned how to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Navajo and enjoyed some fun relational time with sweet Navajo friends.

First Baptist Church of Monticello collected 110 Christmas Shoe Boxes and provided them to us to distribute at our discretion.  Justin used his school contacts to set up a distribution through Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary School.

Faith Covenant Church of God is not a partner church of BHP but we have contacts who serve there.  They were self funding and organizing an outreach event to distribute fruit and candy bags to families in the Douglas Mesa area near Monument Valley.  They reached out to us to see if we could support their effort.  We utilized some of the TSM/PWM Christmas Shoe Boxes to do so.  They went throughout the community delivering the gifts, singing Christmas carols and praying over families.  Again, Navajo reaching Navajo! This is our desire and our mission in being here-to equip the Navajo to reach their own people

The month of December totals 1700+ contacts with the Navajo people.  With 170,000 Navajo living on the Reservation we were able to touch the lives of a full percentage point of the population with the teamwork of TSM and PWM.  That is an accomplishment with Kingdom results!


Justin and Ashli Galloway

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