Jan 08

Important Request from Rick and Maricruz in Mexico

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2018! We are filled with anticipation looking forward to see what the Lord will do this Year. The New Year is starting out great. Yesterday the Lord Blessed us with a new Digital Transmitter for the Radio Station. It was not only an answer to prayer but a promise from God. Last Oct I was praying with friends in Bakersfield, CA. During our prayer time Paul saw an Angel enter the room holding a metal box. The Angel asked Paul to tell me that God wants to give us a Digital Transmitter. 30 minutes later Maricruz called me from Cancun and told me that the Mexican Government is requiring that we have a digital Transmitter for our radio station. The Lord is Good and Faithful.

If you remember we need to raise $18,000 to legalize our Radio Station in Mexico. We are thankful for the support that has been coming in. We still need $9,100 to meet the requirements. We are trusting in God to touch the hearts of His people to invest in this Kingdom Ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Serving the King

Rick Maricruz & Daniel Szymanski

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