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Beautiful Harvest Report

November 22, 2017

Psalm 126


Wow, October came and went and here we are at Thanksgiving.  We apologize for being late on the update but there have been pressing ministry needs and family illness that have taken the forefront in recent weeks.  

October was a great month for outreach!  Justin attended  White Cone United Methodist Church in Arizona to provide support to Pastor Rayefield Nez.  Justin was also invited to give a testimony during the service and share about Beautiful Harvest Project.  This visit was to lay the foundation for how BHP interacts with the church in the future.  Pastor Rayefield is working to recover some of the necessary infrastructure to his church that was lost following the death of his father.  Prayers and encouragement are welcomed as he works to restore stability.  Pastor Rayefield is working to identify ministry needs at this time.  We will continue to explore how we can come alongside White Cone UMC in the future.

Justin reached out to Cove Christian Church in Arizona to schedule a visit.  When Lance Barber, Youth Minister to the church learned that we had moved to the Reservation he invited our family of 5 to stay with his family of 6 in their home the night before service to prevent us from making a long drive in early that morning.  Lance and Justin had only met one time prior and none of the other family members had ever met.  We jumped right in and God rewarded us with amazing fellowship and grew our Navajo family by 6 that weekend.  Ashli and Justin both shared testimony in service on Sunday.

Ashli attended a women’s conference with CeCe, a church leader from Dine Christian Church, in Monticello, UT.  This provided great relationship building opportunity for Ashli and has absolutely exploded our ministry potential within that particular church.

Answer to Prayer !

In the September update  we mentioned the severe need for children’s Bibles in the Navajo churches.  We are pleased to announce that a church in Metter, GA stepped up and added a case of Bibles to the two we purchased.  This will help us meet the needs of 3 churches but this is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved in this special project.  




Justin and Ashli Galloway

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