Nov 15

Mission to the Children, Mexico – Special Request

It has been a real Good month for our ministries. We all struggle with the church shooting in Texas, and it was hard for us because we too are a small rural church. However, we pushed through the anger and fear to deeper faith.  Bad things may continue to happen, but it is how we respond to these tragedies that defines us as Christian.

It is in the dark moments that we have to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  We fight evil with good so we have to push past revenge and fear till we reach forgiveness and peace.  We can hate sin but we must forgive the sinner. The darker the world gets the greater is the need for Christ.  It has been good for our ministries, because we chose faith and hope.

We have a new urgency to evangelist, and we know that Jesus Christ is the answer to ALL The world’s problems.

We leave for Mexico in ten hours and I am urgently excited to preach and teach. I look forward to encouraging the new directors, and giving away suitcase of new clothes and shoes.  Thanks to your support, we will be able meet a lot of needs. I look forward to meeting the new boys.

Hello my Name is Juan, and I am Thirteen years old. I am in the eighth Grade. I came to the orphanage in 2009 with my brother and two sisters. We came because my mother in a single parent and had to work two jobs to take care of us, and she was hardly at home. She realized we needed a better life, and she was unable to take care of us.

Juan is one the boys that we help support, and I want you to see the face of one of the boys we are helping. Thank you for helping us make a difference. We will be in Mexico for two weeks, and we also want to give Christmas bonuses to 10 workers of the orphanages. We are trying to raise $1,000. The workers make many sacrifices for the children, and they too have needs.

Please help as you can. We are grateful for your continued support.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all”.

Make Checks to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322, Bedford TX 76095

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