Nov 10

Important Report and Request from Stas Karpenko, Ufa Bible Ministries, Russia


Autumn is here in the Urals and we are at the full swing with our ESL school. We have been enjoying getting to know our new students and building new relationships in classes. We have some strong friendships already in place. The students in our classes become more like close relatives as we roll through a year. We have students from various backgrounds such as a head accountant for a construction firm (largest in town), a natural gas pipeline engineer or mere school kids.

Please pray as we are moving throughout a year for continuation of building of strong relationships and seeds sowing in the classes with the gospel. We want to see our every student in heaven with us! As a special prayer request of the month we ask you to pray for one church in Bashkortostan whose pastor invited us to come and teach on the biblical principles of disciple making and house churches. It is interesting that pastor Fare’et was skeptical about the whole house church thing a few years ago.

Fruit of Government Pressure

Now, that his church is suffering pressure from both the government and community they turned to that idea. We are going to visit that church and serve them with the word of encouragement and a seminar for their leaders. Please hold us in prayer for travel mercies. There is only one shoddy road as you travel through the Ural mountains to get to that town. In this season it could be tricky. We see accidents and overturned vehicles every other ride. Pray that the hearts and minds of the church members were open to savor biblical truth.

Pray that as a fruit of their difficulties will be new disciples. Praise the Lord for one more church in the movement! It is still our pain to hear about churches and groups in Russia that cease to exist because of “we have no place to meet” or “our pastor gone and we don’t know what to do”.

Crises in the Russian Church

Wherever we visit a church with a message we start off with the clear biblical definition of what constitutes a church. Many think that we are church because we are a part of a church association or we have a place where to meet. There is no sense of ownership of your local church. Christians here think somebody else should care of their church and ministry. This is partly due to initiative and ownership were viewed as deformity not as a virtue during Soviet time.

Pray for those views to be replaced by Biblical truth as we lead the seminar and in the minds of many other Christians and church’s leaders here.

Special Need

One of the downsides of the month was a pressing need for a new TV as the previous TV was overturned by accident during one of the groups. The price of the new TV here is around $250. At this point we don’t have any funds available to cover this need. If the Lord is leading you toward making a special gift to UBM it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support! We are blessed to have you in our team. You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Make checks payable to:

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