Nov 10

Important News from Hope Ireland Missions, Larena, Chris and Anora

Greetings loved ones! October has been another busy month. First, our guest

speakers, Iullian & Rebecca Moldovan came from Dublin & shared with our

youth a dynamic message about how to stand for Jesus even in times when

things are hard. There was an altar call in the end asking who would like to

stand for Jesus no matter their situation, & numerous youth responded. We

are so proud of our youth, & how they keep choosing Jesus! We also see fruit

through them inviting their friends to Torch, & their friends continuing to come.

We are so thankful every year God brings us new youth to invest in!!

We have 3 new young adults starting to attend GCF, which is

exciting! We have continued with our Salt services the first Tuesday of the

month. Then, the other Tuesdays we have small groups at our home. I have

to admit there have been later dinners & me slipping out here & there as little

Anora starts to fuss or need me, but they don’t seem to mind. After all, Anora

was prayed for by each & every one of them from day one. It’s great to get

back into the swing of things!

Recently, Chris shared an amazing analogy that he learned in his

leadership class. The speaker talked about the men in the circus who spin

plates. When one starts to wobble, more attention & care is taken with that

plate, to try & get it spinning perfectly again. He said our leaders and disciples

are those plates. When you see one wobble, make sure to take extra care &

get them spinning again. It was so simple, but will stay with me forever,

because one of the things Chris & I value most is taking that extra time and

care to develop these individuals into the call & potential God has placed on

their lives. We take time to meet one on one with our leaders & others as often

as we can, especially if they are “wobbling”.

This month, we were able to spend quality time with one of our

leaders who has been going through a tough season. He kept isolating himself

from the group & even us, but through constant prayer, non-stop facebook

messages, & finally not taking no for an answer & booking him a bus ticket to

our home–we had him over for a special dinner, dessert (once again a little

late)—prayer & a movie. It’s amazing how far something as simple as that

goes. After not attending youth or church for weeks, he returned! Praise God!

He is now finally getting back on track, it might take a bit more time for complete

restoration, but—the enemy is defeated simply because of the power of prayer

and love! This is what we live for, to see God break through & change course

in peoples lives!

One thing we also notice is that when a lot of trials hit us at once,

it’s because something big is coming. I (Larena) had the hardest, longest

labour I’ve ever heard or read about, then had many struggles & still battling

physical battles since labor, then my Father passed unexpectedly, & now–just

as we thought things were getting calmer again, we found out our landlady

wants to sell the house we are living in, & put it on the market soon. Once

again the timing is just horrible…or so it seems.

We prayed for 2 & 1/2 years for this house. How do we know it

was for this house? Because we made a list– a very long list of everything

we wanted & needed for a house. It was incredibly specific, & we left it to the

Lord, for those years. As you might remember, the previous house we lived

in, we both were very ill due to constant black mould exposure. The previous

house was around 1/4 th of the size of our current home, & cost us $800 more

a year to live in due to the poor insulation, dampness & electric heating. This

house is warm & dry & can fit (see photo above) loads of young adults–as

many as 22 in our living room (snug as a bug)! It’s also 5 minutes from the

bus that leaves every hour on the hour–is the right price for our budget, &

perfect size to grow a family. It has everything on that long list we made! Once

we got into this home, we started praying for the past almost 3 years that one

day, we could own it.

We knew there needed to be many miracles to own it, and figured

it would be down the road…because we as missionaries, have limited

possessions. We don’t even have residency or jobs here. We don’t have a

down payment or a way to acquire a loan…but we know that if God wants us

to have this home, He will make a way. You see, upon my dad’s death, we

remembered that as co-signers for the house, we now own that home. With

the sale of that home, we could just possibly have a down payment to offer

for this one! Anora being born as an Irish citizen could also get us a stamp

for residency  which could make the bank more likely to give us a loan.

Now, the biggest obstacle we see in our way is if the bank would

give us a loan, being that we don’t have a guaranteed income & our funding

comes from America. One of our mentors here, used to work high up in the

banking industry, & if it’s possible, he will be the one to help us get it! We’ve

requested that the landlady give us more time, & we believe if she does, she

will raise the rent. But, if we had to move, we are looking at a budget increase

in rent anywhere we go that will be dry, warm & adequate for our ministry

needs. So, please pray for us, that the God who owns this house,

the banks, & every single thing on this earth, might be doing all this to provide

a miracle for us to own this home?

Thankfully, we serve the one who provides miracles. We are

trusting Him that no matter what, His will is going to be done, & it’s a perfect

will. We trust Him in that. We believe that the call He has on us here is long

term, & we have seen Him open doors where only He could have opened…so

we wait, & trust & pray for His will to unfold. So we seek Him, but stay open

to whatever He says, because we trust Him, regardless if He gives us this

home, or moves us along. He is faithful either way!

Thank you all for your love, your support, & especially your

prayers because they move mountains! Thank you for being such an intricate

piece of our lives, & living this journey with us. Our lives are not our own, we

have laid them down, & you have helped us be the hands & feet of Jesus to

Galway Ireland. You are helping change a nation! All our love, till next time!

Larena, Chris and Anora


Prayer requests:

Please pray we can invest in the 6 new individuals the Lord has given us this year, for salvation, baptism and discipleship.

Please pray for our residency request to go through.

Please pray that if it be God’s best for us to own this home, that He will open the doors needed.

Please pray God provides for the extra funds to cover our airline tickets home this Dec.


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