Nov 01

Report and Special Request from Rick, Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski

Hello Friends,

God is so Good!. The last couple of Months have been wild ones for us. So many complications in finances and ministry. Rule # 1 in such trials is to always trust the Lord and not focus on the issues at hand. In every case God worked each situation out in His own way and in His own time. When a person makes a decision to live in Faith it can be expected that his Faith will be tested from time to time. Be patient and trust in God.

I made a trip to Bakersfield in October. I enjoyed being with loving friends and ministering Truth to some missionaries from the Philippines. I love teaching the Truth of the Gospel to those who want to hear Truth. There is only one Truth and then many misconceptions of the Truth. I encourage everyone to get a concordance and your Bible and find the Truth for yourself. We should never trust another person to tell us how to walk out our Salvation. Our Salvation is Jesus and only Jesus can show us how to follow Him.

We took some friends from L.A. to the Jungles this past Sunday. It was a fantastic trip. Our friends brought two big bags of stuffed animals with them from the States. They wanted to feed the Mayan widows and the poor. We bought  a ton and a half of corn and gave the entire town of Santa Cruz enough corn to feed them for a week. We also gave 40 Mayan widows  in X-can enough corn for a week. We made a number of food boxes to give to widows.

The children had a great time receiving toys and lots of candy. My favorite part is always ministering healing to the people. God is so Good to heal the sick. Not every person we pray for is healed but 90% of the people are healed in Jesus Name. If we don’t ask for healing nothing happens. Let’s keep our Faith active.

The Radio Ministry has just exploded. The testimonies are coming in all day long. Thousands of people are receiving Jesus. We were contacted by the Government telling us that we need to register our Radio Station and update our equipment to stay on the air. We filed for our registration and hope to hear back in December. The Equipment update that is needed is a Digital Transmitter that cost $18,000 U.S. Dollars. We have until the end of December to get the transmitter or the Government will close down the Radio. This is one of those trials where we trust in God to provide the Digital Transmitter. $18,000 is nothing compared to the 9,000 people who have already received Jesus through our Radio Ministry.

I have opened an account for donations to help purchase the Digital Transmitter. Donations are tax deductible.

Please make your checks payable to Give Hope Foundation
Memo box should read Account #4326516819
Send checks to Desert Schools CU
ATTN: Remittance  Processing
P.O. Box 2942
Phoenix, AZ 85062

Donations can also be sent by Pay Pal to rickymaricruz@aim.com

Thanks for your participation in the Great Harvest of Souls.

We have a new phone number if you would like to call and talk a while. 541- 497-1230

Serving the King

Rick Maricruz and Daniel Szymanski


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