Oct 25

Hope Ireland Missions, September report, Chris and Larena Johnson

Greetings, loved one! September was a hard month, as I (Larena)

found out my dad died suddenly on the last day of August. As you

can imagine, this news hit me very hard. I was unable to fly back

as Anora was only 4 weeks old, and had no passport. It was a very

difficult time, and the miles seemed endless. One thing is for sure,

my dad is with Jesus now,

My sister Julie was able to get a Skype session in, where

my dad was able to see Anora properly for the first time. I thank

God he saw her before he passed. My sister was a great support

during this time taking care of his affairs and details and referring

things to me. Her family were so helpful taking care of so many

details, and sorting through his house and personal things. I thank

God for her. She and I are planning his wake and funeral to be

held in December. Please pray everything with Anora’s passport

will go through. It takes 2 months for a first time passport. We are

praying for the provisions to return to Chicago for a few weeks,

please stand with us in prayer over that as well.

Our home church, Living Hope sent a team out this past

month to help deep clean and make repairs on my dad’s house. We

were in awe of the work they put into the house, as well as my sister

and her family. So many people made us feel loved and cared for

in my absence. I will never forget this. I want to especially thank

Christian, and Cristina Rath for organizing and executing the

work, and for my Uncle John for being available to me and my

sister in this time of grief. It’s in the hard times that the light of

Jesus really shines through others and makes all the difference.

Thank you!

Thank you all for praying as well for me during this

season. Thank you for the special messages, the cards and the

words of encouragement. I appreciate it more than you will ever


Chris’ Dad Rick was with us for a couple weeks, and we

were so thankful for him. He cooked and cleaned and helped with

so much! He was able to hold little Anora, and I thanked God that

she had a Grandpa here, even as one Grandpa passed. It was

precious moments for her. She was very content in his arms for

hours! It was amazing!!

Chris started back in his college course he is taking in

Dublin, so every Thursday he will take the trek to Dublin again to

finish his semester with CCI (formerly AGI) Ireland. We are also

hitting the ground running with loads of events for the month of

October. We are doing planning now and brainstorming for some

ideas to reach the demographic of youth and young adults who do

not know Jesus. Our deepest prayer for the end of this season, is

to reach new youth for Jesus! Please stand with us in that prayer.

Recently, we’ve had 3 new youth start attending

TORCH! We are thrilled, and praying they continue to come back

where we will be able to introduce them to Jesus. Small groups

also started up with our young adults, and it was great to have the

laughter and the excitement back in our home again! We are doing

a new video series that is creating great discussion on how we can

reach those who do not know Jesus in our daily lives. It’s a series

that is equipping them with information to help explain to people

who doubt Jesus’ existence. We plan to also start showing the

videos in our TORCH small group settings.

We are planning to take the youth to Mini Pulse, which

is a night where youth from all over the country come to hear a

dynamic message on the Gospel, have unreal worship, and fun

with others their age. Usually, at least 50-100 salvations occur! So

please pray for the hearts that need to hear the message.

In other news, one of our own friends from Galway got

married and it brought a group of our favorite girls back to

Ireland from the States! The first year we were here, we spent

most of our time with Annie, Maura, Liz and Lauren. All four of

these girls have a huge love for Galway, and they are even now

supporting this work here! So they are still having an impact on

this nation in a huge way–by investing in these youth and young

adults, and we thank God for them! As we thank God for all of

you who stand with us to make this work possible! We know this

is a team effort, and we are so thankful to each of you for having

a part in what God has given us to do.

We are planning some amazing things for October.

First of course is Mini Pulse. Then we have a guest speaker coming

to town for the 13th, Iulian Moldovan. He’s a dynamic speaker

and individual. He and his wife will be coming from Dublin to

share with TORCH. Then towards the end of the month, we are

going to have a “Harvest Hunt” in Galway town. We will use this

night to try and connect with new youth to invite to TORCH.

Please pray we reach at least one!!

We are so thankful for each and every one of you and

your constant prayers and support for us! Please pray with us

that the exchange rate will go down. It has gone from 1.05 to 1.20

in the matter of a couple months. This always effects us in big

ways. If you can pray that it will go back down again, we would

greatly appreciate it! We trust the Lord for everything, and we

know He can move mountains, and exchange rates! All our love

to you and yours!!

Larena, Chris and Anora


Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

Please pray we reach more youth and young adults for Jesus this autumn

Please pray for Anora’s passport to come in a timely fashion

Please pray for provisions for a return trip in December to take care of Larena’s father’s affairs.

Please pray for the exchange rate to go back down.


Support Information:   If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

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