Sep 14

Important Update from the Pele’s in American Samoa

From: Eva Pele <missionofhopeusa@aol.com>
Date: Sun, September 03, 2017 12:09 am

Just wanted to share an update with you. We had an extremely successful medical mission this year. Praise the Lord!

 Also,  I (Eva) am leaving American Samoa Monday Sept 4th. I am returning to SC with  an 8 yr old little girl for eye surgery. Lourdes is going blind with congenital cataracts. The Dr. that came with us on the medical mission this year has arranged for her to have surgery in Columbia, SC sponsored in part by the Rotary Club. He said in July if  she doesn’t have this surgery within a few months she will be blind for the rest of her life.  Praise God she has surgery scheduled for Sept 14th on one eye and Sept 21 on the other eye at Palmetto Health.

Pele will stay in Am Samoa as we have much work to do here. I will return back to American Samoa with her sometime in Oct. There was no one to accompany her to SC. Her mother has two other small children and the father has left the family and doesn’t have anything to do with them. So I offered to take her for the surgery.  It’s a sacrifice for us, but Pele and I are willing.

Please pray for a successful journey there and back and a successful surgery. Doctors expect great results.

Our God is great!

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