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Justin and Ashli Galloway-TMCI Missionaries to the Navajo Reservation in Utah

September 01, 2017

Psalm 126

First, we want to start by thanking you for your support of BHP.  As you all know, we were able to travel over 2300 miles and settle here in Monument Valley, UT.  Ashli has started home school with the girls and Hanner is along for the ride.  I have started my job at the high school and am learning a lot about the education field.

During the month of August we have been involved with 2 of the 11 partner churches.  With each, Dine Community Church and Oljato United Methodist Church, we were involved in two separate activities.  We are supporting Sunday School efforts in both churches and making plans for other ministry activities.

We’ve learned a lot about the culture of the Reservation that we didn’t already know, Ashli has begun building solid foundational relationships with the ladies in leadership at both churches we’ve visited and our children have begun meeting new friends.

While there are challenges to life on the Rez, the simplistic way of life here is contagious.  The need to go, go, go and the addiction of busy-ness are becoming figments of our imagination.  Our evenings are slower paced than they’ve ever been, we are spending more time together as a family and are able to enjoy the sounds of our children playing with their precious Navajo friends.  Ashli has found a running buddy, who Interestingly enough,  is an older gentleman who was raised Lutheran but hasn’t been to church in many years.  He and his wife both teach at the high school with me and Ashli is excited to use her running time as a missions opportunity, as well.

We are excited to begin branching out into other partner churches and beginning to build relationships there.  Please be in prayer for the Navajo people.  The leaders of each of these churches as well as the leadership in other Navajo Christian churches.  There is such a strong presence here of believers who are just weary.  Yet, in their weariness, we see such hope.  Our brothers and sisters have such wonderful ideas for community outreach and continuing to grow their churches.  They have stated on multiple occasions how excited they are to have us here.  Honestly, the privilege is ours.  What a journey He has placed before us.  We go forward with excitement and expectation for all He will do in and through our family.


Justin and Ashli Galloway




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