Sep 14

Chris & Larena Johnston – TMCI Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

Prayer Requests We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

Please pray for the new students who will be coming in for the fall semester–that we would reach more college students for Jesus and pour into them this year!

Please pray for TORCH this new school year, for more leaders, deeper passion, more investment and commitment from our current leaders and those the Lord will send to us!

Please pray for our life adjustments with li�le Anora and pray for God’s provisions.

Also pray we will con�nue to reach the lost demographic in Galway for Jesus! Especially the youth and young adults! Visits from Afar, and Keeping on! Hello loved ones! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since our little Anora Christina was born! It’s been a lot of adjusting, late nights, long feeds, doctors appointments, visitors from afar and Skype sessions! Thank God for Social media, as it helps us stay connected to family and friends miles away! Anora was born with a little tongue tie, and we had to get a procedure done to get that taken care of. Then, she was able to feed better and Mama wasn’t in so much pain. It was a real struggle in the beginning as she also was a bit jaundice so we had doctors appointments 3 days in a row. That was pretty hard on me physically, but the Lord really gave me the strength to keep getting her checked. She is the most precious gift and we are SO very thankful for ALL your prayers, and your words of encouragements, your packages, your cards—your thoughtfulness! We are so very thankful, and words can never express how much it means to us. We don’t feel so alone or so far away from our family and friends back home because you all show you care. Thank you!! We had a whirl wind visit from my parents which was a real blessing! My mom came and cleaned, cooked, and treated us many of the days they were here. Of course many dirty diapers were changed in my and Chris’ stead, so we could catch up on a few things that we got behind in. It was a real blessing to have Papa Mark here to help Chris with the lighting/sound project at the church. There is just so much to still be done, and with the people he needs to help him get it done unavailable most weeks, it is taking a lot longer than expected. However, when Papa was here, Chris said it was like getting 3 days worth of work done in one afternoon! So thankful for his help in that! We are that much closer to have everything upgraded and done. The sound is officially completed, and it sounds amazing! No pun intended! 🙂 So many people made comments when they switched over on how clear everything was, and how much better the music sounds coming from the speakers! Now once we get the lights all sorted, it will be the full package! Chris is hoping to get that done very soon. Chris is planning on heading into Galway town soon, to try and connect with some new youth. Please pray the Lord will give us the leaders and the proper strategies in how to reach more the of the unreached demographic in this city! It is our hearts deepest desire! Chris is also planning some things for the fall for the young adults group SALT. We are hoping to break into 2 small groups instead of 1, and get those rolling, as we grow. We are hoping to find a way to also connect with students from the local Hope Ireland Missions Chris & Larena Johnston – Missionaries to Galway, Ireland AUG 2017 Anora gets special visits from family! “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continued to help them.” Hebrews 6:10 Papa Mark helps with the light upgrade! colleges here. Please continue to pray for that progress. Chris’ mom Patti is currently here with us helping us with baby Anora. She will be here for a couple weeks. It helps me, as little Anora has decided to be a cluster feeding baby. She will eat one hour, give me about 10-15mins in between and want to feed again for another hour…then she will sleep for a couple hours in the afternoon. She will then cluster feed for the evening until around 11pm. I can’t complain though because she only wakes once in the night–so we get a few good hours of uninterrupted sleep. Chris has not stopped going in and working on the sound/lighting, or even stopped TORCH, or SALT. He’s still meeting with our leaders and investing in them, so I am home alone many times. It is so helpful to have someone here to help sometimes just bring me a glass of water, or make a meal…as I am unable to do these things very easily. Please pray for Chris, as he is still doing everything he normally does, and then has taken on a lot of the cleaning/cooking extra around the house as I am unable to leave the couch or the bed at times with Anora’s feeding schedule. It’s been a lot for him to balance, and I’ve really encouraged him to give himself some slack, but he keeps plowing ahead full speed. If you could please pray for the leaders this year, that we will be able to really invest in them, and the young adults that will be coming into GCF this fall. We really want to pour into them, and invest in them. Also, we are unable to grow if we were to keep the small groups at our house. Right now we average 16-18 that is our max for small groups. We have averaged around 25-30 young adults for the SALT services, and if we could get 2 groups of 6-10 per small group—that would be amazing! We really want to make deeper connections with out college students, and get them plugged into GCF, a deeper faith, and fellowship together. Please pray for those that we are to reach this school year. We want to make a difference here for the glory of God!

Please also pray for me as I find my new role as a mama, and still doing what God has for me to do here! I am taking a couple months off, but will be hitting the ground running again hoping to invest deeper one on one with the young ladies God has given into our care here. We love this work and the ability to do it!

Finally, thank you for time and time again, being answers to prayer for things we seek the Lord on. We thank God for people who are so in tune with His Holy Spirit, that they come along and meet needs that only our Heavenly Father knows about! You guys are legends (as they say here in Ireland!) We love you! Till next time, all our love! ~

Larena, Chris & Anora!

Support Information If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission,

Please make checks out to: Hope Ireland Missions 229 W. Exchange St. Crete, IL 60417 (Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)

ONLINE GIVING:  www.hopeirelandmissions.com & click on “partner.”



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