Aug 31

Report from Rick and Maricruz in Mexico

Dear Friends,

The Summer is over for us and Daniel has been back in school for several weeks. Our trip to Oregon passed very quickly. We were very busy ministering in churches and small groups. Our plans to have some vacation time just didn’t work out for us. We wanted to visit more friends and family but just didn’t have time to do so and I apologize for that. We were blessed with a new Honda Pilate and ended up driving 12 days back to Cancun. That’s the reason our time in Oregon was cut short.

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad for us. Because we drove back we still have airfare to fly to Orlando late November. Disney gave us free tickets and we found a 1 bedroom condo we can use. There’s nothing like a free vacation to Disney World. Yes 8 days in Orlando and it’s all paid for. The Lord is very Good to us.

The Radio ministry continues to grow and reach more people for the Lord to Bless. I am trying to find a way to purchase sound proofing for the broadcasting room. We want to get rid of all the echo so our broadcasts will be clear. Maricruz does here broadcast live with Facebook if any one wants to watch.

I will send another ministry update soon.

God Bless

Rick,  Maricruz and Daniel

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