Aug 15

Newsletter from Jen Cook in Honduras

Dear Friends;

Please find the latest news attached.  It is a summary of the last 4 months since the move from mainland to island.

Thanks for remembering Joy and I in regular prayer as we are adjusting to a new environment, a new culture, more than 1 language, some newer foods and spiritual warfare as we make headway with the work.  Yes, it’s really hot at sea level despite trade wind breezes. And though we are not complaining, it can tax our energy if we do not pace with the work, drink plenty of fresh, pure water and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Please feel free to email should you have any specific questions about culture, the work, and even any specific prayer requests of your own.

It’s hard to believe that we have already been on Roatan for close to 4 months now.

Many Blessings!

Thanks for reading and for prayers.  We prayer agree with you also!


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jen cook update 1

jen cook update 2

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