Mar 22

Stas Karpenko- UfaBible Ministries- Russia

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In the past months we have had several people profess faith in Christ at Ufa Bible but it
seems that 5 or 6 of them are rather shaky in their faith, wavering between Christ and
this world. As always in this culture, friends and family are playing big role in this.
Please pray for them to become firmly grounded in Christ and for wisdom for church in
following up with them, encouraging them in the right way.
It was a sick month! Both of our kids were sick with bronchitis which required hospital
visits. In the case with Tim we stayed in hospital overnight and with Christina we left
the same day. Hospitals in Russia sometimes are eerie places, under-equipped with no
control on what doctors do to you. They are notorious for being places with high
corruption. Although virtually everyone has healthcare insurance for a better care
doctors expect a little extra. Sometimes folks become doctors here without proper
education and training. Both Tim and Christina are well now. Tim is home schooled and
loves to learn new things.
Lord continues to bless our men’s club. We have good attendance and every meeting
makes deep impressions on guys. Once or twice we had not quite sober attendees but
they were well behaving so we let them to remain with us. Please continue to pray
about our men’s club for new men to come and for existing to grow.
A few months ago we asked you to lift in prayer our brother Ruslan for his desire to
gather former drug addicts into a group and try to make it regular. As it is always the
case with fresh ministers Ruslan have had his back and forth moments, trying to discern
God’s will. Finally this desire started to take a form of a regular meetings. Another
brother from our church – Maxim, is helping with this group as well. Please pray for
regularity of these meetings with such specific people’s group as former drug addicts.
Many of them were freed from the bondage but discontinued to follow the Lord.
I am leaving for Athens, Greece on Friday. Thank you for praying about funds to cover
this trip. Our Lord continues to amaze and has proved to be ultimate provider and all
necessary funds for the trip came in. Please pray for travel mercies as well as for Spirit
of the Lord be at work during the conference. Pray that the Lord would continue to
mold and sharpen our vision and that we would be a soft clay in His hands.
Let’s write another chapter,
Stas Karpenko
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