Mar 22

Chris & Larena Johnston – TMCI Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

Hope Ireland Missions-

Greetings loved ones! Coming to you once again with

another update from Galway! This month we’ve been working and

planning and prepping for plans God has put on our hearts, and

we’ve also seen the Lord move on the hearts of His people!

In the beginning of February, Chris spoke about

restoration at Galway Christian Fellowship. He has started

preaching every month, sometimes twice a month. He spoke on

how the love of Christ covers all of our shortcomings. It was a

powerful message and at the end, he had an altar call. 2

Individuals gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time, and

numerous others re-dedicated their lives to Jesus! It was beautiful.

On another note, we are thrilled to announce that as of

right now, every single one of our youth have a relationship with

Jesus! This has been 2 years in the making, and we’ve prayed, and

given opportunity after opportunity for those that we knew did

not have a relationship, to finally take that step! We are delighted

in this wonderful news!! However, we don’t want to stay there!

Now, our prayer is how do we reach more youth for Jesus? Please

stand in prayer with us as we pray in more youth, come up with

ideas to implement how to reach them, and then minister to them

with the love of Christ.

As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we have our

lovely Jordyn Ferraro who is currently raising support to come

and be a part of this work on a full time basis. With Jordyn’s help,

we will be brainstorming about future plans, and how to connect

with more youth outside the church. She will also be instrumental

in helping us develop and execute our hopes for our new college

ministry coming this Spring. We hope to have a service once a

month for all of our current college aged young adults to invite

their friends. The service would have worship, fellowship and

dynamic teachings. We cannot wait for Jordy to be here with us.

Please keep her in your prayers, that the Lord will provide for her

to do this work!

We are kicking off our college aged ministry by taking

about 12 of our young adults to Dublin on the weekend of March

10th & 11th to St. Mark’s Church. They are putting on a college

conference to inspire, build into and empower these individuals to

be lights to their universities. We will stay overnight in a Hostel

together, and go to the 2 day conference. We know the Lord has

great plans in store for these young adults! We see so much fruit

from them already, we can’t wait to watch it all unfold as time goes


We were also able to have a wonderful guest speaker

who came from Dublin to share with the youth. His name is

Jordan, and he was a youth that we met over 3 years ago at PULSE

youth camp. He is so on fire for Jesus, and is now a youth leader

at his home church. We invited him out to speak and he did a

wonderful job of telling the youth about God’s great love for them.

It’s so refreshing coming from someone close to their age, and also

someone who they know as a friend. It was a real joy to have him

with us!

Chris continues to study and has had real amazing

breakthroughs in planning for new types of services to hold at

TORCH to reach new levels of relationships with one another,

with the youth and leaders, and even with their daily walk with

God. We are excited to start trying some of these new service

types, and see how they develop our youth even further. We also

hope to have some nights where the youth are able to invite their

unsaved friends.

Lastly, wanted to share a little bit about a woman who

walked into GCF one night at prayer. Her name is Brenda. She

walked into the church and said it was her last hope. She was

contemplating taking her life that night. She was walking her dog,

and felt lead to come to the church. It was during a week of prayer,

so it was a wonder that we were even in the church that night. She

walked in and received prayer, and even asked Jesus into her

heart! It was an amazing moment, and we were just praying that

the Lord would use us to lead others to Himself…and He answered

so quickly! That night, everything changed for Brenda! Praise


Thank you for praying for these opportunities. We feel

your prayers ALL the time, and we KNOW that God is opening

doors here for these things to happen! Thank you for helping us

do this work by praying, supporting and sending us! We could

not do this work without those who feel lead to give and partner

with this work! We did reach our goal for our 2017 budget,

however if you can pray as we then lost a couple of donors at the

start of the year. We didn’t calculate that into our budget, but we

know that God provides and He puts us on the hearts of others,

and we know He hears your prayers and answers! Thank you for

praying for us, for this work and for this little baby who is growing

as well! As of today, I am almost 5 months pregnant!! This little

miracle baby is a gift, brought about by prayer and love, and all

of your praying has made this journey so much more wonderful!

Thank you!! By next month, I hope to have news if we are having

a little boy or girl! We love you all with all our hearts! ~Larena


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