Mar 13

Rev. Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

There are several areas that we are praying about and need financial help:


We would like to be able to underwrite the pastors who work at Quinta Esperanza-Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer.  They have had to take full-time jobs in Managua to survive. Consequently, they are not able to be with us except on Sunday. Elvis, our children’s pastor, was being paid from CM.  Now, he is married but dependent on our ministry for a living. Neither he nor his wife can work outside the ministry and she is having complications in her pregnancy.


We are hoping that you might put out the word that we also need funds to purchase a toilet, sink and materials for the men’s bathroom and help to purchase a large circuit breaker box, breakers and heavy-duty wiring since we had a melt-down due to the circuit being overloaded.  We have no sound for church or lights.  Nor do we have electricity in our office and need to be able to hook up our computer and attend to ministry items.


If you know of a couple who would like to come as missionaries to live here at Quinta Esperanza please let us know. They would have to have their own underwriting.  Sooner or later we will be moving back and need to have qualified people in place to carry on.  Travelling to Nicaragua once or twice a year will be a lot easier on us now that we are older.


Blessings to all at TMCI.


Rev. Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

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