Feb 15

Damaris Velasco, TMCI Missionary to El Salvador

Number ministered to:  250.

Number saved:  12.

We were in a town called Santa Catarina Masahuat in Sonsonate for a week and we had a VBS and we went sharing the gospel door to door.


I praise the Lord because He answered with a yes and I got the religious VISA for the training Dear Lyman:

I wanted to let you know that God answered the prayer about the USA VISA with a yes and I am very thankful because going to a training to Oasis ministry have been always a desire in my heart and it was also a desire of my dad, and that shows how God answers prayers even after we pass away. He is faithful! My parents accepted the Lord through that ministry at Miami and I will be always thankful that God used them and allowed me to born and grow in a Christian home and get to accepted the Lord being a 6 years old little girl.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for God´s provision for my airplane ticket and traveling insurance while I go for 4 months to Miami for a ministerial training from March 1st to June 30th.

I will need to paid for my ticket and insurance before February 15th. It will cost $700.00 and I also need to buy a traveling insurance because I will expend 4 months there, and the cheapest cost of that is: $500.

Now that I have the VISA, I just need to buy the airplane ticket asap. I trust that God is the provider though and I ask you to please help me pray.

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