Feb 15

Hannah Hunter, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Number ministered to:  1,000

Number salvations:  20

I was in Kenya and Tanzania from mid-December to February

  1. De worm, gave goats, micronutrients, medical clinics, and among the Maasai.
  2. Usual gunfire, tribal upheaval, and lack of clean water.
  3. Spent Christmas ministering in prison. We gave lotions, soaps, DVD player and movies to the prisoners. We took rice and food stuff for prisoners and guards.
  4. Sundays I was in churches or universities exhorting them to get involved because the church can only change a nation not the government.
  5. Again I was ill with typhoid. The good part is I always lose weight.

Dan felt it was not time yet for Somalia. I submitted to that. Two days later we heard a Western doctor was kidnapped in Somalia. Yet GOD gave me two encounters with Muslim Somalians. In both HE showed me when the door opens they will reach and take my offered hand and be ready to receive.


1) GOD preserved the lives of people during drought, famine, and disease. We saw healing and release from deadly disease and those brought on through witchcraft.

2) We spent the day the nations were opposing Israel in the mountains praying. We prayed for chaos, confusion, and hindrance to the enemy. All HE answered.

3) Inauguration day by a sovereign mercy of GOD we got Fox channel. We had power outages until the time. Also Fox news is not available, and have not been able to get it since. The team and families all gathered. We heart the prayers, saw the pomp and ceremony, and saw the rain fall.

The men and I asked GOD to send to the rain falling to our town. As the dignitaries were going to the statuary hall in Capitol Sen. Blunt was talking about Rosa Parks we heard the sound of much needed rain. We had no water to bathe or laundry. GOD was so good. You could feel the relief in the people the next day.

5) While in Tanzania we beseeched the LORD for refreshing wind and rain. HE opened the heavens so even people were dancing in the streets. The rain accompanied us back to Kenya and even when we travel to Nairobi. Every day after that it rained. Unheard of in January.

6) GOD protected Dan and I at the border. We had some harassment and delays for about 4 hours as we were going from Kenya to Tanzania. The enemy exposed himself to us in this action.

7) We went straight into the hotbed of witchcraft in Tanzania. Demons shrieked as we came. The CREATOR DELIVERER showed HIMSELF so mighty.

Prayer Requests:

1) Prayer for Kenya’s presidential election. Held 8/8/17. So much corruption and tribal violence. Encouraged and exhorted bishops, pastors, and youth how GOD moved on our behalf as we humbled, prayed, sought HIS face, turned from our wicked ways,and HE heard, I know GOD will be faithful to them They have stood with Israel and the USA.

2) March team ( a mere 5 weeks) to go for 2 weeks. Five nations will come. 500 youth and their leaders expected. I will get to meet the Somalian pastor I will be working with.

3) I want to take a team of 5 with skills such as mechanics, tech support, medical, etc.

4) For persons with vision, energy, and strength to rise up in TSH to carry what GOD has birthed and is expanding.

5) Wisdom in selling home, need of a vehicle while in states, and administrative persons to keep things afloat while I am in east Africa.

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