Feb 08

Jen Cook and Joy Dodd, TMCI Missionaries to Honduras

Number ministered to:  15.

JTTN has been teaching discipleship classes and is readying to give certificates to the last set of classes that we will teach in the village in the month of February as we will then be handing the baton to missionaries affiliated with ‘Heart of the City Church Honduras’ then. Also In February, JTTN will bring closure to those that attend the Village Bible Institute as we ready for our strategic ministry move. We have also been preparing for a 1st quarter board of directors meeting for JTTN, net-working with others within Honduras, especially those missionaries that live and work full time at the next location. Jen has also been house-hunting and Joy and she have both been intentional to keep team meetings going weekly and also to schedule a board meeting for 1st quarter of the year before the relocation. We will be in touch shortly with newer people and existing partners to set appointments in April and prepare to see them face to face with a summer furlough time in the US tentatively scheduled for mid May through Mid June 2017. We are also intentional about making sure that we pace ourselves to help avoid weariness and frustration that can lead to burnout.


The Lord has been good to us, faithful and gracious. He is keeping us physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, mentally and financially as well as our families and support team as we are serving abroad in Central America. That this continues as we walk out His will and calling in our lives on a daily basis and as others are called to be connected with the Great Commission Mandate alongside us.

As we are in a time of transition to a more remote area within the nation of Honduras, we appreciate prayer agreement along with us for continued favor with friends and fellow missionaries as we work to sell items not needed and recuperate funds for set-up at our new ministry location. that the time of integrating and being established in ministry after a short sabbatical would be kissed by Heaven and that we will also recuperate our energies for the next season of ministry, receiving Heavenly downloads of strategy in ministry that will also align with the vision for service. Our readying process is happening now and entails considerable down-sizing of personal/house-hold items, researching shipping options, keeping in communication with family, leadership and all donors, writing newsletters, raising more regular prayer and firm monthly financial support, making sure we are leaving everything better than we have found it

Prayer Requests:

*That we remain in peace and in a place of God’s Rest during this entire time.

*Jen needs to secure the right rental property that will be VERY SAFE to live in, as well as be in a GREAT LOCATION to be close to the JTTN Team and other missionary friends, believers and missionaries and then go out and deal with the darkness in that land, reaching all that we can for Christ.

*That ALL manner of voodoo and witchcraft be bound AWAY from us, our dwellings/homes, pets, belongings, finances, ministry. That ALL assignments are cancelled and REMAIN cancelled against us.

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