Feb 02

From Russia-Stan Karpenko-UfaBible Prayer Letter

As always we started out January with a wonderful Christmas service. We had a

snow storm a day before that kept some from coming but the worship hall

was almost full. We used that rare opportunity to witness about salvation in

Jesus to our unbelieving friends and family. Some of the “long prayed for” people

came which is definitely an answer to prayers. Now pray for those who came for

the seeds of the gospel to grow in their hearts. It is interesting to see how the

Lord is giving us a favor of the head of the facilities where we rent now. Praise

the Lord and please keep praying for the management of the place.


We are starting a new course called “Stepping up” with our man’s club. In fact

we had our first session last Saturday. It took an unexpected course at the first

meeting as some of the men started to share and couldn’t hold tears as they

were sharing some vulnerable stories about their lives. We developed a plan to

make every such meeting in future months special, seasoned with special music

and pizza! Please pray for our man’s club to be a safe place and for every man to

feel accepted. Pray that it would be a mean of salvation for those unsaved who

will come.


There is an interesting direction that the Lord is leading our ministry. I have been

invited to go to pastor’s conference in Athens, Greece in March. This is a

CityReach network of churches bound with the vision of reaching 50 biggest

cities in Europe with the gospel within this generation. Please pray for all

necessary funds to come in. I still need 330 euros ($354) to cover the

conference cost. Pray for more clear understanding of coordinator’s role that the

Lord is entrusting on us.

We could not do what God

has called us to do without

your faithful support and

without each prayer you

pray. We don’t take that

for granted but we pray

for you all continually that

God would supply all your

need according the the

reaches of His glory.

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