Jan 20

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary in Australia’s Tasmania

Number ministered to:  323

This month we were able to spend the month sharing about the real meaning of Christmas. We were allowed to present an assembly to all of the children at a government school! A few of the children dressed as the characters and we also had a Powerpoint about the best gift, the gift of Jesus that God gave the world. Our regular Good News Clubs finished the year with a “Backwards Birthday Bash” since God gave us a gift. Also, I was able to share Wordless Book Christmas ornaments at our City Park including to a Hindu family from India


We had a wonderful time in December sharing the Gospel through the real meaning of Christmas to the entire school of Beaconsfield Primary. Some of the children took tracts after to learn more of what Jesus did for them. Praise God for ending the year with three regular Good News Clubs and a lunch time group at school. Praise for extra children coming to the lunch time club the last couple of weeks of school.

Prayer Requests:

I have just gotten out of the hospital so pray that my health stays well. We have two important clubs coming up and an outreach. Pray especially for the outreach coming up Saturday and the holiday club at City Park to come together well since I had to be out of plans due to being in hospital.

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